Immortality or Death?

What is it like to be immortal, to not experience pain and death anymore?  There are those in the Bible who had a glimpse of what it was like to not feel pain or death, in certain examples.  Christ, when He was on the earth, was able to resurrect people from the dead.  We will all experience that in the near future when Christ returns, a chance to be in God’s kingdom and have everlasting life.

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Famine in the Land

The Bible mentions many occasions of famine in the land and, in general, in
the world. But more than physical famine, a spiritual famine (a famine of
the Word) is in this present world and will engulf the world in the future!

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Our Opportunity for Community

We who are in the church of God are placed here by God for a reason. We have to adhere to this and understand, why God has placed us where He has within the body of Christ. We have the opportunity to serve and help each other in this calling, while we are also working on fullfilling our commission to preach the Gospel.

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Looking Forward to Perfect Government

Since Adam and Eve, man has had the opportunity to follow God’s ways and even the ancient Israelites whom God chose to be his people made a mess of things and that failure continues right up until this day.   One of many areas that have been a complete failure has been that of governance.   Man simply has no idea of the right way even after 6,000 years of trying and this sermon shows that perfect government on the earth under the millennial rule of Christ, will happen.

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The REAL Great Reset

Is there the possibility, that human initiative can change the course of humanity? Will wealthy Foundations, influencing Think-Tanks or even politicians provide a solution, a “Great Reset”, like the WEF proclaims? A comparison, based on the biblical truth that only God is capable to implement substantial change and end the Reign of Evil on earth. And a view beyond this REAL Great Reset.

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Blind Spots

It is likely that we can see when others have “blind spots” but much less likely to acknowledge that may also have them.   We must never fool ourselves that we don’t or can’t have them and they can be an impediment in our Christian growth.

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Simplicity of Heart

The early Christian church demonstrated a simplicity of heart. Their needs were simple, allowing them to focus their efforts on spiritual development. We would do well to follow their example and the instructions of the Bible by working to remove the things in our lives that distract us from our spiritual growth.

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Framing the Feast Properly

As we attend the Feast we are memorializing the time that God has commanded for us to keep! As we observe these days, we look back at the past and evaluate it, based on the framework of God’s Word. Then we make the effort to set our sights on the future and apply what we learn, as we progress in our calling.

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