About Us

The Church of the Eternal God (in the United States—with its operations in Europe, including Kirche des Ewigen Gottes (in German-speaking areas), the Church of God, a Christian Fellowship (Canada) and the Global Church of God (United Kingdom) coexist to fulfill the Work given to the Church Jesus Christ sustains. It is through the fruit of unity in God’s Holy Spirit that we strive to be of one mind in both purpose and practice.

We conduct weekly Sabbath services in local congregations where possible. We also observe biblical Holy Days as commanded by God. We broadcast weekly and annual live services over the Internet for those who are unable to attend in person. We emphasize that our Church services in local congregations and at our annual Feast sites, as well as during our live broadcasts are holy and sacred convocations. Participants in person and over the Internet should conduct themselves appropriately during services, and this includes proper dress when we are appearing before God. We would encourage any person interested in our services to contact the ministry to receive guidance and answers to any questions.  In general, we welcome guests to our Church services, as long as they are not contentious and worship with us in peace and harmony and in accordance with our doctrines and practices. On an individual basis, someone from another organization can be asked to participate during services, but this would be at the minister’s discretion.

In fulfilling the commission Jesus Christ has given to His Church, we maintain websites for access to our published materials; to present Church messages (both recorded and live); to publicly proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God through the StandingWatch programs (including the German language program, AufPostenStehen); to make available our weekly Update; and to assist both Church members and any whom God may call to salvation at this time.

Policy Statement

The Church of the Eternal God acknowledges all who seek a deeper understanding of God’s Will. Organizations wishing to provide links to our websites may do so, freely. While these references do not imply our endorsements of a particular organization’s stated beliefs, we are grateful for the opportunity to teach the truth of the gospel of the Kingdom of God to anyone, including to those whom God may be calling.

Any user may take our videos, post them on their sites, and distribute them in their entirety for non-commercial purposes only. Any editing, additions or deletions of our videos are prohibited.

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