Missed Opportunities

by Laura Harris

Recently, I was cleaning out my “in-box” – a 12 inch pile of things to do and things to file — when I came across a card addressed to Paul Voss. I started to write Paul a note when he was first diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. However, I got preoccupied with other tasks and never completed my letter to him.  Now I will never have the chance to tell him in this life how much I missed him and that I was praying for his healing, or to encourage him to “hang in there” while undergoing treatment.

In hindsight, I wonder what was so important that I couldn’t take 10 minutes to write to an ailing friend.  How often do I neglect to tell friends and family through my words or actions how much I love them?  Do I overlook opportunities to help friends and neighbors in need because of other so-called pressing issues?  H. Jackson Brown, Jr., a New York Times best-selling author, is quoted as saying: “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” I need to constantly remind myself to seize the day–to do what is most important first and don’t let opportunities to show love pass me by.

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