Where Do I Begin?

by Cali Harris

Prior to and throughout the Spring Holy Days, I have been considering my educational, work, friendship, family and, especially, my spiritual goals. While analyzing so many different areas of my life, I have felt overwhelmed at times by the vast number of things that I need to work on, in order to attain my goals. I think, “Where do I begin?”

It is sometimes a challenge for me to realize how to best overcome obstacles and work toward goals—all too often I see the big picture, but fail to see that the big picture is made up of smaller parts. What I am learning is that the small steps I take are what give me momentum to move toward the bigger goals.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” This wise saying is attributed to Plato, and it is a sensible reminder to myself that I have to take one beginning step toward my goals, no matter how “big” that step is. I can take beginning steps like writing a card to a friend, turning in a project at work, or praying for a Church member who is ill.

The answer to the question, “Where do I begin?” is actually a fairly simple one: “Begin with the first step!”

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