The Plan

by Shelly Bruno

When I was in college I formulated ideas about
what I wanted to do with my life after graduation. It wasn’t too
detailed—just a basic timeframe for what I wanted and when I wanted to
achieve it. It goes something like this:

Graduate, focus on career
Marry at 28
Have kids around 30
Raise kids
Resume work when kids are in school
Focus on artistic career for retirement

So far my timing hasn’t really worked out—things didn’t happen when I
planned. The older I get the more I realize that my timing isn’t as
important to God as it is to me. He hears my requests, but He grants
them according to His plan for me. That was the case with having kids.
I had almost given up on the idea of having children even though I
continued to ask. And when I was starting to think the answer was no—it
turned out to be a surprising yes! This happened later in my life than
I imagined. And I have to wonder what crossed Sarah’s mind when she was
expecting a child much later than she had thought. God had a definite
plan for her life, and I take comfort in the fact that He has a plan
for mine.

So as I continue looking ahead to the rest of my
list, I’m going to focus more on God’s plan and timing for my life. He
knows far better than I do what is best for me and when the time is
right. I can be sure that with God in charge of the plan, everything
will work out.

©2023 Church of the Eternal God