Troubleshooting – Chat and Live Video

Need Help with Audio or Live Video Services?

For our audio stream, you can stream live from our website in the black bar with the play button.  For video, wait until the LiveStream video starts in on our page or you can find us here:

Getting disconnected from services

If you get disconnected during services, (either audio or video) try reconnecting or refreshing the page in the browser. You might need to try a few times. If it still doesn’t work, give it a few minutes and try again. If there is still no response, try rebooting you computer before connecting again. Don’t give up, it will work! If nothing is working for you, please get our attention via the Chat Room listed here: , and we will do our best to provide technical support.


Occasionally we run into buffer issues with the video, but it usually self corrects quickly. Refreshing the browser page might be necessary. If not let us know and we will attempt to rectify the situation.

Page loads but can’t hear anything

First, make sure your volume and speakers are on and functioning. Then test your player with some other audio streams here to be sure.

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