The Second Impeachment Circus

This is another example of how to divide the country. Observers tell us that it is highly unlikely that in addition to all the Senate Democrats, 17 needed Senate Republicans will convict Trump, and some even went so far as to say that the “trial” is dead on arrival and that it is all over, after 45 Republican Senators voted that such a trial would be unconstitutional. Others are not so sure, pointing out that some Senate Republicans voted against a trial because of its lack of constitutionality, but that this did not indicate “how they might come down on Trump’s guilt or innocence after a trial.” The presenter of this program is convinced that Trump will not be convicted or prevented by the Senate from holding a public office in the future or running again for the Presidency in 2024. But how can you have any confidence in those statements, or any further statements pertaining to prophetic events, given the fact that the presenter was wrongly predicting that Trump would be reelected in 2020?


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