The Keystone of the Kingdom

Over the centuries societies have taken great pride in the structures that their ancestors built and that they themselves build today. In some places construction includes buildings and large developments that cannot sustain themselves without elaborate and costly water, sewer and other necessary infrastructure that will soon be obsolete. There are also groups that seemingly dedicate their construction—the stones, bricks and mortar with rituals and rites that can strike anyone as odd. This is true of even large public projects right here in my home state of Colorado. Rather than focusing on finding ways to serve and honor God the Father, mankind has discovered more ways to establish and honor their own legacies. The community that we as believers await and work towards  is of course the coming Kingdom of God—The New Jerusalem, and the Keystone for the Kingdom is of course Jesus Christ. In this Sermonette we will explore scriptures that offer the clarity and the bedrock that our future will be built upon.
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