Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

compiled by Dave Harris

“Voting for Your Political Candidate?” is the title of a new StandingWatch program, presented by Evangelist Norbert Link. Here is a summary:

This program discusses concerns with several positions of the main candidates for Presidency, which are contrary to God’s Word, posing the question whether one could vote for any of them. But then, is there even a candidate God’s people could and should vote for? What does the Bible tell us, and what is our real responsibility today?

“Sieben Geheimnisse der Tierwelt,” is the title of this Sabbath’s new German sermon, presented by Norbert Link. Title in English: “Seven Mysteries of the Animal World.”

“Gute Angewohnheiten etablieren,” last Sabbath’s German sermonette presented by Robert Macher, is now posted. Title in English: “Establish Good Habits.”

“What Is It We Are Searching For?” last Sabbath’s sermonette presented by Kalon Mitchell, is now posted. Here is a summary:

Without knowing where we are headed, we will lose our way in this world. If we are not fully focused on serving God, we are not following Christ’s command to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.” That is our guiding light, and all of our actions can and must fall under that way of thinking.

“Mysteries of the Animal World,” last Sabbath’s sermon presented by Norbert Link, is now posted. Here is a summary:

Why and how does the Bible contradict and reject the Evolution concept, and why are many occurrences in the animal word unexplainable mysteries for Evolution-believing scientists? How does God feel about cross breeding? What is parthenogenesis, and what might be the reason for its existence? Can animals choose not to reproduce? Are we still obliged to refrain from eating the meat of “unclean animals”? Are we to refrain from eating meat altogether? Is it true that God does not care about oxen? 

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