Power Like No Other

Do we comprehend the power of God? God’s magnificent power and glory are revealed in Exodus 33:20 where Jesus Christ, the God of the Old Testament, says, “You cannot see My face, for no one may see Me, and live.” And no one has seen God the Father and His glory at any time either (John 1:18; 5:37). On the other hand, both God beings have revealed Their power and glory through visions to Ezekiel in chapter 1 verse 26-28 and to Daniel in Daniel 7:9-14. Also, God’s omnipotence was explained to Job in the book of Job, chapters 38 and 39. God reveals in Matthew 19:26 that for God, ALL things are possible, which shows us His unlimited power. It is further stated in Jeremiah 32:17 that there is nothing too difficult for Him.

There are no limits when it comes to God. He is infinite, All-knowing, ALL-capable, All-powerful and He is the Omega, the very Beginning of everything. He says: “I AM who I AM” (Exodus 3:14). There is no one else out there like God. There are no restrictions when it comes to His ability to do ANYTHING, and NOTHING happens against His Will.

And yet, many still have doubts. Many still don’t believe what He is capable of, and they limit His abilities in their minds. Look at the examples of the people of Israel who survived because of God’s unlimited power and the miracles that He had carried out (compare Jeremiah 32:18-23, 27). How quickly they forgot when they were faced with trials and tests which lead to disobedience

They limited God and His power, diminishing their expectations of their God. They didn’t remember His power—all those miraculous signs and wonders in Egypt, in the wilderness when God provided food, at the Red Sea, and when He brought them to the Promised Land. They failed to remember.

Do we sometimes diminish our expectations of all He can do? We need to realize that God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what is best for us. And yet, we still may have many questions as to why. Why doesn’t He answer our prayers right away? Why won’t He give us what we desire immediately? God wants us to succeed. Distractions can become distracting and we may begin to lose our focus. God is full of blessings, but we may doubt at times His willingness to bless us because more often than not, we are in the “now” moment. We want things to happen right away. That may be good or bad. In certain respects, wanting to change our bad ways right away is good. But I’m referring more to our selfish motives. God says in Malachi 3:6: “For I am the LORD, I do not change.” He is forever the same, and He wants to bless us and desires that we become born-again members of His Family.

There are many miracles in the Bible that God performed, and God still does perform miracles for us today. There are miraculous healings at times—situations that we are in that only God can solve when we ask Him in prayer. Also through our commission in preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the world, God does miraculously call people to the Truth which is nothing that man can do (Romans 8:28) because it is God who calls people through the Work that we are doing (compare John 14:12-14; Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19-20).

The power through the Holy Spirit is essential in our daily lives. When Christ was here on earth as a human being, He went through many temptations that we go through today, and God the Father gave Him strength through the power of the Holy Spirit to get through trials. We can today receive God’s Holy Spirit of power through baptism (compare Acts 1:5-8; Luke 24:44-49; Romans 8:1-17). The commission that God has given us to do cannot be done through our own power, and Christ could not have accomplished what He did by His own human power.

God provides protection and does the fighting for us, just as is stated in Exodus 23:27;14:14. Throughout the Bible, we read about the examples of God’s protection; for example in the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace, and also of Daniel in the lion’s den. God also will continue to provide His protection to His people who are called worthy during the Great Tribulation which is destined to occur in the not-too-distant future. Placing our trust in God is crucial, and we must always be prepared by putting on the armor of God against Satan, as we read in Ephesians 6:10-13. Our full confidence should be in God, not in man, for God is the One Who will fight our battles (Jude 24-25).

The Bible, the Word of God, is powerful. God’s commandments and His law are powerful. His purpose for those is powerful who have been called out of this world at this time and have answered His calling, to have the first opportunity before the rest of mankind to be a part of His Family and receive everlasting life! We have power through all the tools and resources we have been given to understand God’s law. And we have received the gift of the Holy Spirit at the time of our baptism so that we can grow in wisdom and knowledge to be able to understand God’s law and share it with the whole world through the Work we are doing—the fulfillment of the commission that God has commanded us to do, to preach the gospel to the whole world as a witness; knowing that one day the world will experience what we have come to understand today. All the peoples of the earth will know that the “LORD is God” and “there is no other” (compare Isaiah 45:5, 14, 18). We must continue to let our hearts be loyal to Him, to walk in His statutes and to keep His commandments. Remember what God promises us and let us never forget it.

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