Preaching the Gospel & Feeding the Flock

A new booklet on the future of the USA and Great Britain has been written, and has entered the first review cycle.

The printing of our booklet on Fighting in War has been completed. We trust that we will be able to send out the booklet next week to our readers.

A new member letter has been written by Edwin Pope, and will be sent out next week. The letter addresses the current condition in the world and in the Church and encourages Church members to diligently prepare for the Passover. It has been posted on the website.

A new StandingWatch program will be recorded on Friday.

Following Internet Sabbath services from Colorado on April 2, Alistair Wuckert was baptized. Alistair lives in the Denver, Colorado, area and is married. He and his wife, Andrea, are parents of an infant son named Malakai.

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