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A new StandingWatch program
was recorded last Friday and placed on our Websites, as well as on
Google Video. The program is titled “How To Solve Iraq’s Problems.” Set
forth below is a brief summary of the program:

This week, the
long-awaited Baker-Hamilton report was released, giving recommendations
as to how to solve the disaster in Iraq. Tony Blair and George Bush
gave a joint press conference on the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
During the conference, both world leaders took different approaches in
the matter of Iraq. While Tony Blair supported the report’s suggestion
to involve Iran and Syria unconditionally in peace talks, President
Bush insisted that certain conditions had to be met first by both
countries. In addition, Germany has shown a strong interest in playing
a central role in bringing Washington to the table with Damascus and
Tehran, while Israel is becoming increasingly nervous about a perceived
shift in America’s foreign policy. What do all these developments mean?

new member letter was written by the ministry and will be distributed
shortly. The letter reflects on Mr. Pope’s death and the Work which is
ahead of us, discussing new opportunities and projects in the making.

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