Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new StandingWatch program
was posted on the Web, titled, “USA–The Fading Superpower.” In the
program, Norbert Link discussed the following concepts:

America’s status as a superpower fading? Many believe that it is. More
than 70 percent of interviewed people around the world believe that the
US needs a rival superpower. Anti-Americanism is at its highest level,
while President Bush’s approval rate in the US is at its lowest, with
most Americans being opposed to the war in Iraq. According to the
German press, even Iraq’s new government does not constitute a
strategic success for the US, given the fact that three crucial
ministers have not been named. In addition, America and Europe have
different perspectives relating to national and international defense.
Even though Iran launched successfully an intermediate-range ballistic
missile, which is capable of reaching Israel, Europe does not believe
that any threat from Iran is short-term. What is going on in the world,
and what does it all mean?

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