In the Small Things

by Louise Amorelli

Each day, I just barely manage to get out of bed. As most of you know, I struggle with health conditions which bring extreme chronic fatigue, pain, flu like symptoms, and brain fog.  Since these ailments are at the forefront of my life and have taken such a huge toll on my husband and me, I tend to gravitate towards this facet of my being. I continually search how I need to learn, grow and bear Godly fruit through this health trial that God has allowed.   I would like to share what I think is the most important lesson I have learned which sums up all the others. In just a few words… “it’s the small things that matter most.”

Since I am in the minority, I tend to look intently (and with yearning) at those who work and have good jobs (since I am unable to work), to those who have limitless energy, and to those who are able to multitask with boundless activities and accomplishments.  I was once this type of person!  As I am not currently able to achieve many, if not any, of those undertakings, I have to refocus my attention on the small tasks at hand that on the surface seem so small, insignificant and routine; on tasks that might seem so effortless to others, but a personal arduous mountain climb for me, such as making a meal, driving or even a return phone call.

In studying God’s Word, I have learned that God looks at the small things in our lives and that gives me tremendous hope and encouragement with each new day. This theme that God is interested “in the small things” is found throughout the pages of the Bible. God watches how I seek Him in my small daily mundane chores, fully depending on Him to get me through the day. God watches how I handle the struggles and the trials. He observes how I utilize the fruit of His Spirit, while working on having a good attitude towards Him and others in the world who might not understand the daily challenges I deal with and misjudge me. I hope and pray that I can shine God’s light of longsuffering towards others in this regard as a witness to God’s way of life.

Knowing that it is God who will judge me mightily and righteously in the small things gives me hope for the big things…such as building Godly character and being a member of the God Family! That surely is not a small thing!

©2023 Church of the Eternal God