Pass Every Test

Week after week we witness the ongoing problems that this world is faced with, whether it be the economy, violence and terror, and/or even religious persecution.  We know that these things are coming to pass, as predicted in our booklets, our weekly StandingWatch programs and our weekly Updates, which are all based on the Bible. We also know that our religious beliefs will cause a bitter taste in people’s mouths, because they just don’t understand the truth that we have come to believe. Since Church members–those who have been called out of this world–are just a handful in comparison with all humans alive today, we must ask ourselves how strong OUR faith is.  And since faith grows through tests, how is our faith being tested?

Abraham had to have faith when he was tested. Hebrews 11:17 tells us that he was even willing to offer up his son Isaac, in order to obey God. Abraham was tested by God to see how strong his faith was, to do the unthinkable, offering his son of promise. At that time, Isaac did not have any children. Therefore, Abraham had to put all his trust in God that He would provide and fulfill His promise that he would have descendants through his son Isaac (compare Hebrews 11:18-19). 

Jesus Christ was also tested numerous times. He was even tempted by Satan, as Matthew 4:1-11 records. In that passage, Satan tempted Christ three times and failed. Christ was stronger than Satan.

We should also be the same way, when God tests us or when Satan tempts us.

We have to be careful, however, that we don’t test God, by testing faith. We must abstain from testing God’s power by assuming that God would intervene when we don’t fulfill our part–including taking necessary precautions or actions. When our health is involved, for example, if we think that we will never get hurt or sick or refuse to live in a healthy way, then we should reconsider our thinking. Needless to say, we all have to have the faith that God will heal us, when we are sick. We need to do our part by praying fervently in faith; confessing our trespasses to one another and thereby striving for reconciliation with each other; and asking for anointing by God’s ministry. And we shouldn’t test faith, by refusing to take affordable necessary  medication or by neglecting to reasonably avail ourselves of affordable competent medical help.

We must not–nor do we need to–test God. God tests us to see if we will succeed–having the confidence that we will. Jesus Christ says in Matthew 4:7 that we should not “put the Lord… to the test” (New Revised Standard Version). God tests our faith through trials and tribulations–especially now, as the end draws near. And Satan tempts us, hoping that we will fail the test and sin. He is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour and destroy.

We are a very small group with a big potential. That is why we must continue to remain strong and confident. God promises us that no trial or temptation will be too difficult for us, and that we, with God’s help, can pass every test (compare 1 Corinthians 10:13).

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