Christ Has Come

Some people have been so busy trying to figure out that which cannot be calculated and is completely within God’s purview to decide, that they missed the fact that Christ is already here.  They have their noses so buried in their own private interpretations of the Bible that they have missed Christ’s presence here altogether. 

One of the reasons that Christ came the first time to Earth about 2000 years ago, was so that we could have the opportunity to have Him in us (John 6:56, 15:4-5, 17:23). 

If we keep His commandments (John 14:20-21) then we have Christ here with us and in us NOW!  If we as true Christians live by His every Word, we do not need to wait to have a personal relationship with Christ…we can have it NOW!

Of course Christ is still yet to return in power and glory for all the world to see — and for them to begin their interaction with Him on a more intimate level.  But we have the chance through the gift of the Holy Spirit to make the most of that opportunity NOW!

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