Obvious to the Few But Not to the Many

In last week’s Update, there was an item where an article, “A Nightmare Scenario—Europe’s War Against Britain,” was quoted. The newspaper article was prefaced by the comments: “Europe at war 2018, German troops storm Greece. Putin’s tanks crush Latvia. France humbles the British Army. Unlikely, yes, but as Angela Merkel says euro meltdown could endanger peace, a historian’s imagination runs riot…”

In the letters section after the article, there were hundreds who derided the writer for describing such conditions as not being possible. In our comments after the article, we stated: “Even though this is not quite the way it will happen, the Bible clearly predicts a war between continental Europe (under German, not French leadership) and Great Britain, while Russia will flex its muscles in the meantime, ready to strike Europe at an opportune time.”
It got me to thinking, once again, that there are a few people who do see dangers connected with the European Union, but generally do so from a purely political and secular viewpoint. Christianity, and anything to do with the Bible has been side-lined, derided and treated with contempt by the intellectual elite which has filtered down to the man in the street. Proof of this is the influence of the writings by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchins and other atheists who have written best-selling books bought by the masses and viewed as unerringly correct. Anything to do with the Bible is now seen as old hat and biblical knowledge is, generally, neither sought, understood, nor respected.  
And even when a secular author can see real problems arising in the foreseeable future about the UK, Europe and many other countries, negative comments far outweigh those who can actually visualise trouble ahead. However, we should not be surprised, as many who have known the truth and cast it away don’t seem to recall what was taught by the Church when they were members. Perhaps there are even some faithful Church members today who think that there is plenty of time left, and that world conditions are not as bad as reported.
Many people react negatively to any prophecies or statements regarding the end of this age, and scoffers abound (compare 2 Peter 3:3).
Jesus talked to the Pharisees and Sadducees about discerning the signs of the times when they didn’t recognise Him at His First Coming. The same principle can be used now to discern the sign of the times today, indicating that the Second Coming cannot be too far away.
It is increasingly obvious by all that is happening that Christ’s return is drawing ever nearer. But we mustn’t expect the proclamation of this wonderful news to be met with unbridled joy and excitement. And when secular authors can envisage problems ahead, they too will be sneered at. But it was all prophesied to happen, and we should be encouraged, as we see prophecy being fulfilled on such a regular basis. The time certainly draws near…

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