Current Events

By Norbert Link

We begin with the canceled trip of King Charles to France, due to the dangerous situation in France which is “descending into anarchy”; speak on the likelihood of a terrorist attack in the UK.; the arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin; Germany’s intolerance and war against anti-war activists; the fear of nuclear war on German soil; alleged war crimes of Russia and Ukraine; Russia’s tactical weapons in Belarus; and Germany’s ridiculous immigration laws.

We report on Putin’s meeting with Xi Jinping and Biden’s meeting with Trudeau; Trump’s outbursts, his colossal blunders during the Covid pandemic, the question of whether he could run the country while in prison, and his rally in Texas.

We address the senseless and horrific murder in Nashville which was committed by a transgender female shooter, who wanted to be a man and was described as having suffered from an “emotional disorder” (which does not even come close to addressing the real causes of her insane conduct); Biden’s embarrassing and insensitive response; and Netanyahu’s suspension of his judicial reform package.

We conclude with the liberal movement in the German Catholic church.

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