Current Events

by Norbert Link

We begin with ongoing disagreements between Germany and the USA, this time pertaining to ground troops in Syria; continue with Iran’s second major breach of the 2015 nuclear deal while Russia, China and Europe blame the USA for Iran’s conduct; and address Gibraltar’s detention of a Syrian oil tanker allegedly laden with Iranian oil.

Focusing on Russia, we report on Ukraine’s desire to speak with Russia over Crimea; Putin’s meeting with Pope Francis [please view our new StandingWatch program,“Trying to Appease Russia?”]; and the prevention of a nuclear catastrophe for which Russia would have been held responsible.

We address concerns regarding Angela Merkel’s health; the new leadership of Greece; the terrible immigration policies of the USA and—worse yet—Europe; strains in the “special relationship” between the USA and the UK over leaked comments made by the UK’s ambassador to the US; and the harsh fine imposed on British Airways for being the victim of criminal hackers. We also quote several court cases rendering judgments against the Trump administration.

Addressing Israel and the Middle East, we report on the “pro-Israel evangelical conference” which is strongly supported by the Trump Administration; and the discovery of the ancient Philistine city of Ziklag where David found refuge for a while.

In other news, we speak on the controversial plan to dump 1.5 tons of rat poison on the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco; the real danger from asteroids colliding with earth; and the shaky situation of Southern California in light of major earthquakes.

We conclude with conflicts within the Catholic Church; the dangerous LGBT ideology; and potentially good news from Australia regarding “religious discrimination.”

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