A Dog’s Nose

One evening, on television some time ago, I saw a brief discussion about the scent detecting cells in dogs and cats. As a dog lover it has always amused me to see the amount of sniffing a dog does when it is taken for a walk.

Dogs can possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses (depending on their size and breed), compared to about six million in us. And the part of a dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is, proportionally speaking, 40 times greater than ours.

On the website dummies, it states under the heading “Your dog’s unique nose” the following: “Your dog’s nose has a pattern of ridges and dimples that, in combination with the outline of its nostril openings, make up a nose print believed to be as individual and unique as a human being’s fingerprints. Companies even register nose prints as a way of identifying and helping to locate lost or stolen dogs, a system that is now being used by kennel clubs around the world.”

To think that the small nose of even a small dog can have well over 100 million scent-detecting receptors is a fact that is hard to take in. Whenever I see such amazing facts, I reflect on how stupid and ridiculous the theory of evolution is.

On the website livescience, we read: “Life on Earth first bloomed around 3.7 billion years ago, when chemical compounds in a ‘primordial soup’ somehow sparked into life, scientists suspect. But what turned sterile molecules into living, changing organisms? That’s the ultimate mystery. By studying the evolution of not just life, but life’s building blocks as well, researchers hope to come closer to the answer.”

Did you catch the words “somehow” and “scientists suspect” and “researchers hope to come closer to the answer”? Hardly a definitive response! In respect to the dog’s nose, how do they expect intelligent and rational human beings to believe that a primordial soup (without any direction or intelligence) managed to educate or transform itself from organisms over some 3.7 million years into having the ability to produce a dog with hundreds of thousands of scent detecting receptors in its nose? If you believe that, you are capable of believing that the moon is made of green cheese with a pig flying over it!

You really do have to be kidding! And yet, there are multiple millions of adherents to this nonsense and, by comparison, very few who understand and believe the biblical truth. If anyone had any doubt about the wiles, cunning and ability of Satan the devil, then this should help them to re-evaluate their position.

Over the years, the Church of God has produced many booklets and articles about the nonsensical theory of evilution (that’s how it should really be spelled if it is to reflect precisely what it is) to countless millions of people. Please remember that, not that long ago, we had a magazine that, at its zenith, had a monthly print run of over 8 million copies. How many millions, or even hundreds of millions will have read articles about this nonsensical concept? We have a booklet “The Theory of Evolution – A Fairy Tale for Adults?,” which is an excellent exposition on this subject.

A dog’s nose is yet another example (and there are so many others) of the existence of a superior Being who created all things – and not through any primordial soup or any evolutionary theoretical stupidity.

Remember the dog’s nose!