We'll Always Be OK

We’ll Always Be OK
by Michael Link

We have all just returned from what was another enjoyable feast. During that time we experienced joy, fellowship, spiritual growth, peace and fun; a foretaste of what is to come in the Millennium. What about after the feast? We are faced with trials every year during this time. But no matter what is thrown at us, we have to remember that we have somebody watching and helping us through every situation. I wrote a song a while back which lets us know that we are always in good hands.

We drove down the coastline
expecting a safe ride.
Excitement was building,
we planned for a good time.

Our share of close calls
were unexpected.
Protection is vital
in case of a downfall.

We’ll Always Be Ok

A break is essential
from customary life.
Enjoy these few moments
Posing as crucial.

Trials we encounter
We seem to get through them.
This world is a landmine
but one thing is for sure

We’ll Always Be Ok

As we left this place here
back to our routine
Continue to live right
We have nothing to fear.

We’ll Always Be Ok

©2023 Church of the Eternal God