This Week in the News

We begin with reports on America’s new military adventure in the Middle East which will at best require a lengthy engagement for many years to come—with boots on the ground—and seems to be, at worst, destined to utter failure with devastating consequences for the USA. Even liberal newspapers, magazines and websites point out that President Obama has forsaken his [perceived] role as “peacekeeper” and has become a “war president.” Bild Online wrote that because of his weak leadership, he is leaving behind a world of chaos. At the same time, Germany’s military is in a terrible condition, and voices are being heard to transform its “military feet of clay” into feet of iron.

In other news, we report on Eric Holder’s resignation (sort of) and Julia Pierson’s resignation as Secret Service director becoming effective immediately; then the disturbing fact that married couples are now a minority in the USA.

We conclude with addressing Russia’s ongoing threats and Japan’s links to Neo-Nazis along with quoting the Pope’s urging that we are to pray to angels!

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