This Week in the News

Wherever we look, it seems that we are confronted these days with uncertainty, turmoil, upheaval and disaster.

We begin reporting on tumultuous political events in Europe—including Germany, France, England and Italy—which could lead to an emergence of charismatic popular leaders replacing current less popular ones. And while we are told that the euro has been saved for good, evidencing the continuing and inevitable unification of continental Europe, the Canadian government failed, and President Obama’s political survival is anything else but certain.

Focusing on the Middle East, we are reporting on events in and pertaining to Iran, Syria and Libya; addressing the terrible costs of war which will undoubtedly contribute to America’s economic downfall; discussing frightening revelations on the dangerous levels of radioactivity in Japan; and concluding with a settlement involving Jesuits who agreed to pay $166.1 million to hundreds of American Indians and Alaska Natives who were abused at the Catholic order’s schools in Oregon, Washington state, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.

Clearly, the time for Jesus Christ’s return MUST be near! But not everyone agrees—in fact, the majority of Americans does not. As Fox News reported on March 24, “the perceived increase in the number and severity of natural disasters is evidence to 44 percent of Americans of what the Bible calls The End Times, prophesied in the Old Testament’s book of Daniel and the New Testament’s book of Revelation. Fifty-two percent disagreed, according to the poll.”

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