This Week in the News

A widely circulated clip on YouTube, which was also linked on December 28 by the Drudge Report, shows Senator Max Baucus apparently being drunk or intoxicated on the Senate Floor, when “debating” the new health care bill. This brings vividly to mind certain biblical prophecies about “drunkards” in high positions (compare Isaiah 28:1, 3, 7).

A man flying from Nigeria to Amsterdam and then to the U.S. on a Northwest Airlines flight Friday tried to ignite an explosive as the plane prepared to land in Detroit. As could be expected, governments, airlines and airport securities which were caught sleeping at the switch in the first place, have now introduced stringent “security” restrictive measures for passengers–several of which border on the ridiculous. (It was subsequently announced that some of these measures might or might not be carried out on every flight.) These (contemplated) measures seem to amply prove man’s inability to show proper balance and sound wisdom. We can see how the world trembles at an attempted terrorist attack. We can only imagine the panic which would have ensued if that attack would have been successful.

In other news, we are focusing on the disappointment which has set in worldwide regarding President Obama’s politics and perceived lack of leadership. German papers in particular claim that President Obama missed golden opportunities for improvement in many areas, even though it is being maintained that the criticism, especially on the “left,” is “exaggerated”; and they claim that the relationship between the USA and France, as well as Germany, has not improved substantially. They conclude that due to the failure of leadership of the USA, for instance on the hotly discussed issue of “climate change,” Europe under Germany must lead.

Calls in this country as well as in Europe are being heard to deal “tough” with Iran, and a U.S. military strike is no longer ruled out.

We are addressing Russia’s war-like ambitions of maintaining its status of a nuclear power and its willingness to come militarily to the “rescue” of “threatened” countries; and we conclude with reports on a closer relationship between Japan, India and China, and strained relationships between these nations and the USA and Britain.

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