Current Events

We begin with extensive coverage on the 100th anniversary of the genocide which was perpetrated by the Turks against Armenians in 1915, during the early days of World War I, and Turkey’s hostile and unforgiving reaction against all those who dare to tell the truth, even though some governmental leaders are too timid to do so, for political reasons.

We continue with extensive coverage on America’s descent into the abyss of sexual perversion, specifically focusing on the rising support for transgender and homosexual same-sex marriages and the incredible twisting of the Bible and “political accuracy” to get votes; focus on ridiculous Sabbath restrictions by orthodox Jews in Israel; and address America’s controversial drone strikes which have resulted in the loss of innocent people.

We speak of a terrorist plot directed against the Vatican and Pope Francis’ decision to visit Fatima in 2017 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of a great hoax—or worse; address the European situation pertaining to Greece and its looming bankruptcy, barring fundamental concessions and restrictions by the Greek government and people; and point out the unbelievable German hypocrisy regarding NSA’s spying activities.

We conclude with two articles on the frightening situation at Yellowstone and the worst earthquake in over 80 years, striking Nepal, and an interesting discovery of dinosaurs which, according to Evolutionists, should not have existed.

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