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Microsoft Workers Protest against their Company’s Warfare Dealing with US Army

The Associated Press wrote on February 22:

“A group of Microsoft workers is demanding the company cancel a contract supplying the U.S. Army with HoloLens headsets… A letter signed by more than 50 Microsoft employees Friday and circulated on an internal messaging board said the technology could help soldiers spot — and kill — adversaries on the battlefield. They say they ‘refuse to create technology for warfare and oppression.’

“‘We did not sign up to develop weapons, and we demand a say in how our work is used,’ the letter says. It asks Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and President Brad Smith to cancel a $480 million contract the Army announced in November. Microsoft said in a statement Friday that it is committed to working with the military, including the Army under the HoloLens contract…

“The protesting workers write that ‘it will be deployed on the battlefield, and works by turning warfare into a simulated “video game,” further distancing soldiers from the grim stakes of war and the reality of bloodshed.’…”

This article shows how far-ranging war technology is going. But thanks be to God, a time WILL come when mankind shall not “learn war anymore…” However, right now, mankind in its God-defying ways is determined to invent and use more and more sophisticated weapons and engage in unrestricted warfare… which will ultimately lead to the brink of human annihilation. Note the following articles.

A Completely New Form of Combat

Newsmax wrote on February 24:

The Russian company that changed warfare with the AK-47 has unveiled a new smart weapon – an unmanned combat aerial system… The low priced, efficient, and deadly weapon is ‘a step toward a completely new form of combat,’ according to chairman of Russia’s state-owned Rostec arms manufacturer Sergey Chemezov… The drone, also known as the KUB, is ‘roughly the size of a coffee table that can be guided to explode on a target 40 miles away,’ the [Washington] Post reported.

“The low price could make it readily available and be a great equalizer – potentially for terrorists, too – as the target market is ‘smaller armies…”

All-Male Military Draft Unconstitutional

Newsmax wrote on February 24:

“Now that women are eligible for combat roles in the U.S. military, an all-male Selective Service draft is unconstitutional, according to a Texas federal judge… Women had not been permitted to register for Selective Service and men who failed to register at their 18th birthday could be denied benefits such as federal employment and student loans. ‘The average woman could conceivably be better suited physically for some of today’s combat positions than the average man, depending on which skills the position required,’ [the judge] wrote in his ruling…

“The National Coalition For Me brought the case to the court by two men who argued an all-man draft was unfair… ‘Yes, to some extent this is symbolic, but it does have some real-world impact,’ Marc Angelucci, the men’s lawyer, told USA Today. “Either they need to get rid of the draft registration, or they need to require women to do the same thing that men do.’”

The fact that they are even talking about and ruling on the draft is frightening.

Coming… US Military Intervention in Venezuela?

Newsmax reported on February 24:

“On Sunday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned [Venezuela’s President Nicolas] Maduro as ‘the worst of the worst of a tyrant,’ asserting citizens there ‘have made it clear’ the days of his regime ‘are numbered.’… Pressed on whether there will be military force used against Maduro, Pompeo said ‘every option is on the table.’”

The Guardian wrote on February 25:

“US vice-president Mike Pence has repeated a veiled threat of military intervention in Venezuela, but Washington appeared increasingly isolated in its willingness to contemplate using force to oust President Nicolás Maduro. Both European powers and some of Donald Trump’s key Latin American allies– all of whom have recognised opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate leader – warned that they would oppose sending troops into the country

“In Latin America, there is a painful and bloody history of US interventions, and the terrible fallout from the 2003 invasion of Iraq is another deterrent to the use of military force. An invasion would be complicated and bloody, with a strong chance of sliding into protracted civil war. Venezuela has armed forces that are more than 300,000 strong, thousands more members of pro-government gangs or guerrilla groups, complex terrain – and a government that still has some support from international partners including China and Russia.

Brazil’s vice-president, retired general Hamilton Mourão, said on Monday that under no circumstances would his country allow the United States to intervene militarily from Brazilian territory… Colombian president Iván Duque, has also now ruled out intervention… Chile and Peru were also among other regional powers opposing military action on Monday.

“There was similar concern across the Atlantic, where European nations including Spain and Germany made clear they considered the deployment of troops a line that should not be crossed… The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, insisted there could be no military solution to a political crisis.”

US War with Iran and Europe Imminent?

Handelsblatt Today wrote on February 22:

“It was at the 2007 Munich Security Conference that Russian President Vladimir Putin first signaled a cooling of Russian-Western relations. Soon thereafter, Russia invaded Georgia; and in the years since, it has annexed Crimea, launched incursions into Eastern Ukraine, and carried out cyber-attacks against Western democracies. Today, Russian-Western relations are in a downward spiral

“Last week’s three-day conference, which had record-high attendance, will most likely be remembered for years to come. The speeches delivered by US Vice President Mike Pence and German Chancellor Angela Merkel could not have been more different, in terms of both style and substance. At a gathering originally designed to facilitate German-American cooperation, Germany and America’s foreign-policy positions have rarely been so far apart.

“For his part, Pence delivered a hardline ‘America first’ message and celebrated the Trump administration’s adamant refusal to accept longstanding rules and international agreements. Europeans, he declared, have no choice but to follow America’s lead… Pence refused to take any questions after his speech. Many of his ‘applause lines’ were met with stony silence.

Prior to Pence’s appearance, Merkel had delivered a speech that might well go down as one of the best of her career… She delivered a pointed rebuke of ‘America first’ unilateralism. Merkel’s speech received a standing ovation, which is unusual for the Munich Security Conference. She also took questions, which she answered with confidence and a hint of humor, winning herself another standing ovation.

“Like Putin’s aggressive remarks in 2007, Pence and Merkel’s speeches will be remembered for what they augur for the future. Taken together, they confirm that Donald Trump’s presidency has ushered in a period of escalating transatlantic tensions that show no signs of abating

“If and when Iran restarts its nuclear-weapons program, US-Iranian tensions will almost certainly escalate to the point of crisis… The tensions on trade issues are no less acute. The Trump administration has already designated European steel and aluminum exports a threat to US national security, and now it may be preparing to add European cars to that list. If it does, the transatlantic trade conflict will enter dangerous territory

“A year from now, many of the same leaders and policymakers will gather in Munich once again. If the worst-case scenario suggested by this year’s gathering comes to pass, we might be heading for open war in the Middle East and a devastating trade war across the Atlantic.”

Sadly, it appears that this “worst-case scenario” will come to pass… but it is not even the WORST-CASE scenario.

Russia Threatens USA with Nuclear War

Reuters wrote on February 25:

“Russian state television has listed U.S. military facilities that Moscow would target in the event of a nuclear strike, and said that a hypersonic missile Russia is developing would be able to hit them in less than five minutes. The targets included the Pentagon and the presidential retreat in Camp David, Maryland.

“The report, unusual even by the sometimes bellicose standards of Russian state TV, was broadcast on Sunday evening, days after President Vladimir Putin said Moscow was militarily ready for a ‘Cuban Missile’-style crisis if the United States wanted one.

“With tensions rising over Russian fears that the United States might deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe as a Cold War-era arms-control treaty unravels, Putin has said Russia would be forced to respond by placing hypersonic nuclear missiles on submarines near U.S. waters

“In the Sunday evening broadcast, Dmitry Kiselyov, presenter of Russia’s main weekly TV news show ‘Vesti Nedeli’, showed a map of the United States and identified several targets he said Moscow would want to hit in the event of a nuclear war… Kiselyov is one of the main conduits of state television’s strongly anti-American tone, once saying Moscow could turn the United States into radioactive ash.”

Michael Cohen’s Explosive Testimony

Newsmax wrote on February 27:

“President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen accused him of breaking the law while in office and said for the first time that Trump knew in advance about a WikiLeaks dump of stolen emails that hurt his 2016 election rival Hillary Clinton.

“In a dramatic televised hearing in Congress on Wednesday, Cohen said Trump approved hush payments to cover up extra-marital sexual relationships in violation of campaign finance laws, and signed a personal check for $35,000 in 2017 to reimburse Cohen for at least one of those payments.

“Cohen, 52, was a close aide of Trump for years and his testimony could increase the legal and political pressure on the Republican president, but he did not appear to disclose a ‘smoking gun’ that could sink his former boss. Cohen told a House of Representatives committee he had no direct evidence that Trump or his campaign colluded with Moscow during the election campaign…

“Republican lawmakers at the hearing tried to undermine Cohen, portraying him as an irredeemable liar who had benefited from financial crimes he pleaded guilty to last year, and saying the hearing was an opening gambit in a Democratic push to impeach Trump [Cohen had previously lied to Congress as well]… Cohen was mostly calm and contrite under the heated questioning from Republicans, and cautioned them not to make the same mistake he did in protecting Trump…

“Cohen was one of Trump’s closest aides and fiercest defenders, working with him on business and personal deals for a decade. But he turned against him last year and is cooperating with prosecutors after pleading guilty to tax evasion, bank fraud and campaign finance violations…

“Cohen said he was in Trump’s office in July 2016 when Roger Stone, a self-described ‘dirty trickster’ and longtime political adviser to Trump, called the then Republican presidential candidate. Cohen said Stone told Trump he had been speaking with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who told him there would be a dump of emails within a couple of days that would damage Clinton’s campaign… ‘Mr. Cohen’s statement is untrue, ‘Stone said in an email, but did not specify which parts of the statement he meant. Stone was indicted by Mueller on charges of lying to Congress about his communications with others related to WikiLeaks email dumps…”

Axios wrote on February 27:

“Cohen told the committee that Trump is ‘becoming an autocrat,’ adding that The Trump Organization was steeped in a culture of threatening people — sometimes physically — who might pose a threat to Trump. ‘Every day, most of us knew we were coming in and we were going to lie for him on something. And that became the norm. … It’s exactly what’s happening here in government, sir.’”

The Week added on February 27:

“Michael Cohen… testified publicly on Wednesday that Trump has been deeply involved in various crimes and lies to the American public. House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings told reporters that based on Cohen’s testimony, ‘it appears that’ Trump committed a crime while in office; Cohen produced a check he says shows Trump broke campaign finance laws while… repaying a hush money sum for Stormy Daniels. Cohen also claimed he knows about more alleged illegal acts involving Trump but can’t talk about them because they’re under investigation… Cohen will testify in a closed-door hearing with the House Intelligence committees on Thursday.”

Here is the bottom line: Democrats tried to use the occasion to find more dirt on Trump; Republicans used the occasion to castigate Democrats and Cohen; but it was all tantamount to a show of utter hypocrisy on all parts, given the well-known fact that politicians lie, from the very top down. Some may do it more than others, and in a more blatant and obvious fashion, and some may be more sneaky and devious than others, but trustworthy is none of them. That is why politics is such a DIRTY business.

Further, Trump will not be impeached, nor will he resign, but he will stay in office. And if there are elections in 2020, he will be reelected.

Cohen Threatened with Murder

The Daily Mail wrote on February 27:

“An heir to the Gambino crime family has issued a stark warning to Michael Cohen, predicting that President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney may face retaliation behind bars over his Congressional testimony… Giovanni, the 43-year-old son of late Sicilian mob boss Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Gambino and cousin to infamous crime boss Carlo Gambino, speculated that Cohen’s withering testimony could have harsh consequences. ‘Inmates love Trump, and hate rats. If he wants to get out alive, he better keep his mouth shut about Trump,’ Giovanni said.”

Cohen had stated that he and his family had received death threats. His concern in this regard is not unfounded. It was Trump who called Cohen a rat. It is truly shameful and appalling that any of this could happen in the US.

Trump and Dictator and Mass Murderer Kim Jong Un Meet

The Week wrote on February 27:

“President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are meeting in Hanoi on Wednesday to discuss denuclearization and other topics, and to sign a joint agreement… This is their second in-person meeting; Trump said ‘we made a lot of progress’ in the first summit after greeting Kim in Vietnam on Tuesday. The two leaders shared a private dinner, and Trump predicted North Korea could prosper if his ‘friend’ Kim agrees to denuclearize.”

President Trump should look out for better “friends.” Further comments by Trump about Kim Jong Un are equally shocking and sad at the same time.

The Guardian wrote on February 27:

“Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have begun their second summit, with the US president calling his North Korean counterpart ‘a great leader’ and offering to help give his country a ‘tremendous future’… [He also said:] ‘It is an honour to be with Chairman Kim…’”

Chairman Kim is a totalitarian mass murderer! How can he be a great leader, and how can it be an honor to have a meal with him?

Trump Believes Kim-Jong-Un

The Guardian wrote on February 28:

“Donald Trump has said he took Kim Jong-un ‘at his word’ when he denied any responsibility in the imprisonment and torture of Otto Warmbier that led to the US student’s death in 2017…  Although Kim wields tremendous power in one of the world’s last totalitarian regimes, Trump said he believed the North Korean leader was not aware of Warmbier’s imprisonment in January 2016 and torture in jail until it was too late…

“Trump’s remarks exculpating the North Korean dictator are likely to draw sharp criticism from both sides of the aisle in Congress, where there is persistent outrage over Warmbier’s treatment…

“Any criticism of Trump’s comments is likely to be heightened by the fact that he invited Warmbier’s family to his State of the Union address in January, and looked up at them in the first lady’s box during his speech. ‘You are powerful witnesses to a menace that threatens our world, and your strength inspires us all,’ Trump said, drawing a standing ovation from Congress. ‘Tonight, we pledge to honour Otto’s memory with total American resolve. After a shameful trial, the dictatorship sentenced Otto to 15 years of hard labour, before returning him to America last June – horribly injured and on the verge of death,’ Trump continued.

“But on Thursday in Hanoi he struck a markedly different tone, saying he did not think Kim ‘would have allowed that to happen’… He suggested instead that the death was because of generally bad jail conditions…

“It could be argued that Trump’s protectiveness of Kim is part of a pattern of giving dictators the benefit of the doubt on abuses. Otherwise loyal congressional Republicans have broken with him over his willingness to believe figures such as Mohammed bin Salman and Vladimir Putin, rather than his own advisers and intelligence services.”

But all of this uncalled-for flattery by Trump did not do him any good, as subsequent events show.

Trump-Kim Jong-Un Summit Ends in Predictable Disaster

The Daily Mail wrote on February 28:

Donald Trump’s talks with Kim Jong-un ended abruptly on Thursday as the president said he was forced to walk away after the North Korean dictator demanded that all sanctions be lifted in return for giving up only some of his nukes. Trump said the final snag that caused the sudden breakdown was over sanctions – and Kim’s push to have all of them lifted in exchange for a concession Trump and his secretary of state could not live with… The president expressed his hope that the two leaders would meet again, but acknowledged: ‘It might be soon, it might not be for a long time. I can’t tell you.’… Trump said that he remains on good terms with Kim and continued to tout the ‘enormous potential’ of North Korea…”

The Week wrote:

“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that negotiations would resume quickly, but [North Korea’s foreign minister] Ri said the U.S. had wasted an opportunity that ‘may not come again.’”

Deutsche Welle wrote:

“Much excitement, no progress — a predictable outcome. It was already clear in advance that the outcome of the Hollywood-style meetingbetween US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would not live up to its political symbolic meaning…

“Kim already announced through state propaganda that the US was on the brink of economic collapse, that North Korea had brought Washington to its knees militarily, and that the great leader, Kim Jong Un, would show the whole world the path to lasting peace…”

Trudeau Dismisses Calls for His Resignation

Breitbart wrote on February 28:

“Former Canadian Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould gave a bombshell testimony accusing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other officials of ‘veiled threats’ to force her to drop a case for political purposes. Ms Wilson-Raybould gave testimony before the Canadian House of Commons justice committee for several hours on Wednesday, speaking out against members of staff and Prime Minister Trudeau attempting to interfere with an investigation into the SNC-Lavalin corporation, The Globe and Mail reports. Accusations that the prime minister and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) interfered with the SNC-Lavalin investigation first emerged on February 7th.

“The engineering company, which is based in Quebec, was accused of engaging in bribery in Libya in efforts to secure lucrative contracts in the country. Since the accusations were made public, further allegations have revealed that the corporation may also have gone as far as paying for prostitutes for Saadi Gadhafi, son of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, during a visit to Canada in 2008. Receipts claim that the company spent as much as $30,000 on prostitutes for Gadhafi while he was allegedly in Montreal and Toronto at the invitation of the company to learn English. Initially, after the first Globe and Mail report on the SNC-Lavalin affair, the accusations were dismissed by Trudeau and the PMO…

‘The scandal has rocked the Canadian political scene and has led to calls from Conservative opposition lead Andrew Scheer for the prime minister to resign from office… Prime Minister Trudeau, meanwhile, rejected calls for his resignation saying that voters would get to decide their next prime minister at the upcoming national elections in October.”

More Turmoil on the Temple Mount

AFP wrote on February 24:

“Israeli police said Sunday they arrested a top Palestinian Muslim official in Jerusalem after scuffles at a flashpoint holy site in the city in the past few days. The arrest drew condemnation from Jordan, the custodian of the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, in the disputed city.

“Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Abdel Azeem Salhab had been arrested for violating an order preventing entry into a prohibited area of the holy site. Salhab is the head of the council of the Waqf in Jerusalem, the religious authority that governs the site…

“The arrests follow the detention of 60 others overnight Thursday to Friday as police said they were responding to calls for unrest at the holy site surrounding Friday prayers there… The site is the third-holiest in Islam and a focus of Palestinian aspirations for statehood. It is also the location of Judaism’s most holy spot — Jews refer to it as the Temple Mount — and a frequent scene of conflict between the two sides… The religious site is located in east Jerusalem, occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War and later annexed in a move never recognised by the international community.”

The Temple Mount is the hot bed for turmoil. The Bible shows that it will get much worse when the Jews begin to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount and offer animal sacrifices there. For proof which completely contradicts those who deny the FACT that a Third Temple WILL BE BUILT, please read our free booklet, The Fall and Rise of the Jewish People.” Also note the next article.

The Third Temple Will Be Built Soon

Express wrote on February 26:

“The Third Temple of Jerusalem is a prophetic sign of the approaching apocalypse, doomsday preachers have warned, as rumours circulate the Jewish house of worship is about to be rebuilt

“Earlier in 2018, the Jewish council of the Sanhedrin committed an offering, or dedication, to the sacrificial altar of the Third Temple. The event, which occurred one day after Hannukkah on December 11, sparked concerns biblical prophecy has begun to unfold.

“According to Christian evangelist and preacher Paul Begley, the secrets of the ancient Jewish temple are now being revealed to the world. In an online sermon dubbed The Coming Apocalypse, the firebrand preacher said ancient balsam trees used to make the biblical Balm of Gilead have returned to Israel. The miraculous balsam trees were used to create the sacred balm and aromatic incense in the Jerusalem temples of old… Pastor Begley said: ‘But why is this happening? Well, the Third Temple is about to be built.’

“The first Holy Temple of Jerusalem was raised from the ground on the city’s ancient Temple Mount centuries ago. Solomon’s Temple was completely destroyed by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II in the 587BC siege of Jerusalem. The Second Jerusalem Temple was reconstructed in the sixth century BCE until its destruction by the Romans in response to a Jewish revolt. Today, scores of conspiracy theorists believe the temple’s reconstruction will signal the arrival of the end times.

“In particular, doomsday prophet Irvin Baxter of the End Time Ministries believes the Third Temple will reappear… The End Time Ministries explained: ‘In Matthew 24:15, Jesus described an event known as the Abomination of Desolation. The Abomination of Desolation is when the Antichrist stands in the temple claiming to be God…’

“Many believe the ‘holy place’ Jesus spoke of is the Jewish Third Temple in Jerusalem. The Third Temple is also mentioned in the Bible’s book of Daniel 9:27, where scripture speaks of the Antichrist entering the temple during a period of tribulation.

“Dr David R Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries explained: ‘The Apostle Paul mentions it when he declares that the “man of lawlessness” will profane the temple by entering it and declaring himself to be God – 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4. The Third Temple is also mentioned in the book of Revelation when John is told to measure it… Revelation 11:1-2… This is the temple from which Jesus will reign over all the earth. It is described in detail in Ezekiel 40-46.’”

It is amazing to us that in spite of the overwhelming biblical evidence to the contrary, some self-appointed “prophets” still refuse to believe that a literal third temple will be built prior to Christ’s return. Rather, they teach that the biblical reference to the temple is strictly to the Church of God. Even though the Church is most certainly described as a spiritual temple, many passages, like the ones quoted above, CLEARLY refer to a literal temple. It would be ludicrous to suggest otherwise. Such stubborn denial can only be described as self-righteous willfulness.

Netanyahu to Be Indicted

Axios reported on February 28:

“Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced Thursday his decision to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in one case of bribery and two cases of fraud and breach of trust. All indictments are pending a hearing… The announcement comes after more than two years of investigations and less than two months before Israel’s highly anticipated April 9 elections.

“In case 4000 — which involves Netanyahu’s relationship with Israel’s leading telecommunications tycoon — the indictment is for bribery. In case 2000 — Netanyahu’s alleged deal with a newspaper publisher for favorable coverage — the indictment is for fraud and breach of trust. In case 1000 — involving Netanyahu allegedly taking $200,000 from businessmen in return for promoting their interests — the indictment is for fraud and breach of trust.

“Israeli police in December recommended Mandelblit indict Netanyahu and his wife for bribery due to their relationship with Israel’s leading telecommunications tycoon. This was the third time in the last year police had recommended Netanyahu be indicted for bribery.”

nbc wrote:

“Netanyahu called the prosecution’s announcement ‘outrageous’ and an ‘unprecedented witch hunt’ carried out by his liberal opponents.”

This wording sounds very familiar.

India-Pakistan Military Conflict… with Israel in the Middle

The Algemeiner wrote on February 28:

“On Tuesday, the Indian Air Force had crossed the de facto border between the Indian and Pakistani-held areas of Kashmir for the first time since 1971. The IAF fired multiple missiles utilizing Israeli-made Spice-2000 guidance kits…

“Tensions between India and Pakistan have been on the rise since a suicide bombing on February 14 hit an Indian paramilitary convoy in Kashmir, killing 40 Indian soldiers… Manufactured by Israeli defense contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the Spice-2000 kits turn air-droppable unguided warheads into precision-guided weapons…

“India accounted for 49 percent of Israeli arms export between 2013 and 2017, making Israel the third-largest supplier to India, according to a 2017 report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). In 2017 alone, $2 billion worth of missile system deals were signed between state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries and India, making up nearly 22 percent of Israel’s overall $9.2 billion in arms exports sales that year.”

Agora Financial added on February 27:

“Trivia-obsessed U.S. media are… overlooking the real possibility nuclear war could break out… ‘It is almost unprecedented for two nuclear-armed countries to carry out air strikes into each other’s territories,’ reports the BBC’s correspondent in Delhi… and yet that’s what’s happened in recent days…

“India’s conventional forces would overwhelm Pakistan’s in the event of all-out war. Pakistan’s only means of effectively fighting back would be tactical nukes…[a decade ago it was estimated that] an Indo-Pak nuclear exchange would kill 2 million immediately and 100 million in ensuing weeks. India’s and Pakistan’s major water sources would be contaminated. Clouds of radioactive dust would blow around the globe…

“A more recent estimate… pegs the numbers at 20 million dead in the first week and 2 billion from the resulting global famine.”

The Bible warns of wars and rumors of wars. However, it does not indicate a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

Europe Moves to the Extreme Right

The Associated Press wrote on February 24:

“The May 23-26 European Parliament vote could prove to be a tipping point in post-war European politics. Some traditional political powerhouses might start to crumble, allowing extremist, populist parties to gain more clout and throw a new wrench into the EU’s political machinery…

“Since the last EU election in 2014, Britain has voted to leave the EU and Italy and Austria have government coalitions that include the far right. Over a dozen EU nations have fragile minority governments and Poland has turned as hostile toward Brussels as Hungary. ‘After the fall of London, Rome, Warsaw, Budapest, or Vienna into the hands of anti-European and/or xenophobic forces, we no longer speak of the “enemy at the gate” but of the “enemy inside the gates,”‘ wrote Jose Ignacio Torreblanca for the European Council on Foreign Relations.

“And all this comes at a time when the European Parliament now has more powers… the parliament is now an effective decision-maker with a real say on everything from Brexit to anti-pollution regulations…

“The influential VoteWatch Europe think tank said ‘right-wing nationalists are set to gain, although they are likely to fall short of getting over 25 percent of seats.’ But it said a united group of right-wing nationalists could become the second largest group in the legislature.”

German Rearmament Necessary

Project Syndicate wrote on February 22:

“Postwar Germany abandoned military-based power politics… Germans on both the left and the right became pacifists… But this… came to an end with the election of Trump… Germans are currently engaged in an intense debate over defense spending…

“Needless to say, Germany’s rearmament on its own would raise many questions and historical concerns. Rearmament with and for Europe and NATO, however, would be a completely different matter. One way or another, Europe must grow stronger. It is in everyone’s interest that Germany be productively engaged in that process.”

Brexit Divorce Bill

The Telegraph wrote on February 25:

“The [British] Government is making plans to pay billions of euros to Brussels to settle large parts of the £39bn Brexit divorce bill even in the event of a ‘no deal’, the Telegraph can reveal. Ministers signed off the in-principle decision on Monday at a meeting of the Brexit ‘no deal’ preparedness cabinet committee, according to senior Whitehall sources.

“Under a plan agreed on Monday, the Government will table an executive order, or Statutory Instrument, in the final days of the Brexit negotiations to create the legal foundations for future payments to Brussels. The move flies in the face of expectations of leading Brexiteers that a ‘no deal’ Brexit will save the country from paying the £39 billion EU…”

More Time?

Newsmax wrote on February 27:

“Prime Minister Theresa May won a two week reprieve on Wednesday from British lawmakers, who postponed a threatened rebellion aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit after she agreed to a possible delay to Britain’s departure from the EU…

“But it now means British citizens and businesses will not learn how, or possibly even whether, they are to leave the European Union until the final weeks or even days before the deadline.”

The EUObserver added on February 27:

“French president Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday ruled out delaying Brexit beyond 29 March, unless London comes up with ‘clear objectives’ for the extension. ‘As [EU chief negotiator] Michel Barnier said, we don’t need time, we need decisions,’ he said after meeting German chancellor Angela Merkel, who hit a more conciliatory tone. ‘If Britain needs some more time, we won’t refuse but we are striving for an orderly solution,’ Merkel said.”

China’s Totalitarian Government

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote on February 23:

“Chinese government censors are reading Australian publishers’ books and, in some cases, refusing to allow them to be printed in China if they fail to comply with a long list of restrictions. Publishing industry figures have confirmed that the censors from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China are vetting books sent by Australian publishers to Chinese printing presses, even though they are written by Australian authors and intended for Australian readers.

“Any mention of a list of political dissidents, protests or political figures in China, including president Xi Jinping, is entirely prohibited… Printing books, particularly those with colour illustrations, is significantly cheaper in China… Sandy Grant, of publisher Hardie Grant, said he had scrapped a proposed children’s atlas last year because the censors ruled out a map. Chinese authorities are extremely sensitive about maps, and any map appearing in a book must fit with the Communist Party view of the world. ‘I think this book might have said Tibet on one map,’ Mr Grant told The Age and Sydney Morning Herald…

Most major religions are also on the ‘sensitive’ list…”

The important fact to take away from this is that those books were not even meant for the Chinese market. But this shows us how repressive the government must be towards their own citizens.

Discrimination in the UK against Able White Heterosexual Males

Daily Mail wrote on February 22:

“The son of a police chief who tried to join his father’s force was rejected for being ‘a white, heterosexual male without disability’. Matthew Furlong, 25, had applied for his ‘dream job’ as a constable with Cheshire Police, where his father, Liam, 52, is a detective inspector. He performed well in tests and at interview but the force was so desperate for more recruits from ethnic minorities or who were gay or transgender that it refused to hire him.

“Mr Furlong, who has a degree in particle physics from Lancaster University, lodged a discrimination claim against Cheshire Police under equality legislation, and won. It is believed to be the first successful case of its kind.

“In a ruling last week a judge criticised the force for treating candidates with ‘protected characteristics’ – including those who were gay, transgender, disabled, black or from other ethnic minorities – more favourably than Mr Furlong, who was ‘a white, heterosexual male without disability’…

“The case came as the leader of Britain’s police chiefs called yesterday for radical laws to allow police to positively discriminate in favour of ethnic minority candidates.”

We are told not to discriminate as it is against the law but the police want to discriminate against qualified candidates. Will this kind of nonsense ever stop? But then, read the next appalling article.

Stupid and Dangerous “Political Correctness” in France

news au reported on February 19:

“A change to a law in France will see schools unable to refer to a child’s parents as their ‘mother’ or ‘father’ on school documents, instead the titles will be replaced with ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’. The amendment was passed in parliament as part of the country’s Schools of Trust law and aims to reduce the discrimination faced by same-sex parents

“French President Emmanuel Macron’s Republique en Marche party backed the change, with MP Valérie Petit saying this amendment of the wider law recognises ‘children’s family diversity in administrative forms’… Supporters of the change claim that using gender-neutral language on school documents relating to parents is a natural step after the country legalised gay marriage six years ago, The Telegraph reported…

“A number of conservative MPs denounced the change, calling the amendment ‘frightening’ and claiming it disrespected heterosexual parents. ‘When I hear people say this is an old-fashioned model, I would remind people that today among unions celebrated, civil or marital, some 95 per cent are man-woman couples,’ MP Xavier Breton said…

“The amendment is part of a wider law that also makes school attendance mandatory for all three year olds.”

…so that “three year olds” can be indoctrinated even further with this kind of appalling liberal God-defying nonsense. All of this reflects a picture of absolutely dangerous stupidity.

No More Requirement to Hold Sunday Services

msn wrote on February 22:

“The Church of England has… lifted a 400-year-old rule requiring that all churches hold services every Sunday. Canon law dating from 1603 required priests to hold morning and evening prayers and a communion service each Sunday in every church they oversaw. But after decades of declining attendance, many priests are now responsible for multiple churches, especially in rural areas. Until now, they have needed permission from a bishop not to hold Sunday services in each church.”

Good change for the wrong reasons. Sunday worship is not authorized by the Bible, while conducting and attending weekly and annual Sabbath services are commanded.

Catholic Church and Italian Government in Collaboration with Covering Up Sexual Abuse of Children

The New York Times wrote on February 22:

“This month, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child gave Italy a failing grade on protecting minors from sexual exploitation. In particular, the committee expressed concern ‘about the numerous cases of children having been sexually abused by religious personnel of the Catholic Church’ and the ‘low number of investigations and criminal prosecutions’ of those crimes. And while other countries have taken a hard look at the problem of clerical abuse, Italy has approached it with something closer to a media blackout.

“Experts consider Italy’s response to be one of the worst among Western nations, comparable to that of some African and Asian churches in which denial about clerical sex abuse is still rampant… In Italian, ‘there is no corresponding word for accountability,’ said the Rev. Hans Zollner, one of the Vatican’s top experts in safeguarding minors and an organizer of this week’s meeting…

“Survivors accuse the government and the judiciary, which has been slow to investigate clerical abuse cases, of silence on the issue… Italian politiciansvie to stay on the good side of the Vatican…

“Some analysts who say Pope Francis has been slow to respond to the abuse crisis point to the fact that he is surrounded by Italian advisers in an essentially Italian bureaucracy, in the heart of Italy. ‘That is part of the Vatican bubble in which Pope Francis operates,’ said Massimo Faggioli, a professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University. ‘The Vatican is an economic and political power in Italy, it hushes everything up,’ said Marco Lodi Rizzini, the spokesman for a group of Provolo Institute alumni.”

Even in the face of such widespread abuse, Italian politicians, the judiciary and the people turn a blind eye to reality! The Catholic Church remains dominant and powerful, and its collaboration with the Italian government is interesting, as it reflects the situation which existed under Mussolini and the Vatican.

Pope Talks the Talk… Somewhat

AFP wrote on February 24:

Pope Francis on Sunday compared the sexual abuse of children to human sacrifice as he addressed the Catholic Church’s top bishops at the end of a landmark summit to tackle paedophilia… Francis said those priests who prey on children are ‘tools of Satan’.”

The Huffington Post added on February 24:

“The crimes won’t be covered up ‘as was usual in the past,’ [the pope] promised… The statement comes just after German Cardinal Reinhard Marx admitted on Saturday that documents that could have named abusers ‘were destroyed, or not even created’ while victims’ rights ‘were effectively trampled underfoot’…

“Opening the summit last Thursday, which the pope called after botching a sex abuse case last year in Chile that was known to have been a coverup, he told the nearly 200 leaders present it was time for action… ‘The holy people of God are watching and expect not just simple and obvious condemnations, but efficient and concrete measures to be established,’ Francis said.”

Bild Online reported that many observers felt his speech was a complete fiasco, as he did not set forth any concrete measures as to what to do with pedophiles. Note the next articles.

Abused Victims Disappointed… Pope Keeps Covering Up… No Concrete Measures Announced

The Associated Press reported on February 24:

“Pope Francis closed out his extraordinary summit on preventing clergy sex abuse by vowing Sunday to confront abusers with ‘the wrath of God’ felt by the faithful… But his failure to offer a concrete action plan to hold bishops accountable when they failed to protect their flocks from predators disappointed survivors, who had expected more from the first-ever global Catholic summit of its kind…”

The Guardian wrote on February 22:

“Activists for survivors of clerical sexual abuse have reacted furiously after Pope Francis failed to promise a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to paedophile priests and the bishops who cover up their crimes as he closed a landmark summit at the Vatican… a significant part of the pontiff’s closing speech focused on the prevalence of child abuse across society… he said that the majority of cases arose within families and that the perpetrators of abuse were ‘primarily parents, relatives, husbands of child brides and teachers’…

“While the pope acknowledged that the occurrence of the sexual abuse of children within the Catholic church was even more ‘scandalous’… his speech failed to reflect the concrete action that survivors of sex abuse were hoping for.

“Anne Barrett Doyle, the co-founder of Bishop Accountability, which tracks clergy sex abuse cases, described the speech as ‘recycled rhetoric’. ‘I am utterly stunned,’ she told the Guardian. ‘The pope has undone the tiny bit of progress that possibly was achieved this week. He was defensive, rationalising that abuse happens in all sectors of society. Ironically and sadly, he exhibited no responsibility, no accountability and no transparency.’…

“Peter Isley, spokesperson for Ending Clergy Abuse… criticised the pope’s speech… ‘A child will be harmed today due to what the pope didn’t say today,’ he said. ‘What he’s actually saying to all bishops is to “keep on covering it up”… The problem is his internal conflict – does he protect the priests within his family or the victims of abuse?’”

There are far too many influential and powerful homosexuals and pedophiles in the Catholic priesthood. The pope will not change that, even if he wanted to. Note the next article.

More Horrors to Come

The Guardian wrote on February 25:

“Pope Francis must have hoped that last week’s unprecedented summit in Rome of senior bishops and church figures from around the world would mark a turning point for his papacy on sexual abuse. The world would see that the Vatican was finally getting a grip on the issue that has caused such grave damage to the church for the past 20 years.

Such hopes have been dealt a devastating blow by the news that Cardinal George Pell, until recently the third most senior figure at the Vatican, is facing a prison term for the sexual abuse of minors in the 1990s. The Australian’s conviction on criminal charges will have powerful reverberations throughout the global church. It propels the toxic issue of the ‘abominations’ of children – Francis’s own word – directly into the heart of the papacy, where until December the disgraced cardinal had a seat as an influential member of C9, the inner circle of pontifical advisers.

“It is likely to herald further haemorrhaging from the pews of Roman Catholic churches by disillusioned and despairing parishioners in the west. And it sends a potent message to the church’s elite that no one is too important or too powerful to escape justice; some will be quaking in fear under their cassocks as Pell is led away to prison.

“Pell’s downfall comes just days after another high-profile figure was defrocked by the pope after a Vatican hearing found him guilty of sexually abusing minors. Theodore McCarrick, a former cardinal and archbishop of Washington, was removed from the priesthood after years of swirling rumours about his predatory behaviour with trainee priests. Francis was accused of failing to investigate or take action until a man went public last summer.

“In France, a verdict is expected next week in the trial of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the archbishop of Lyon, who is accused with five others of helping to cover up alleged sexual abuse. Last month, the Vatican announced that Gustavo Zanchetta, a former Argentinian bishop who was appointed to a senior position at the Holy See in 2017, was under preliminary investigation over alleged sexual abuse claims.

“Last June, Francis accepted the resignation of three Chilean bishops over their handling of abuse cases, including one he had robustly defended a few months earlier. In July, Philip Wilson stepped down as archbishop of Adelaide after he was convicted of concealing child abuse, although he was subsequently acquitted on appeal. In August, a damning grand jury report laid bare the scale of sexual abuse and its cover-up in Pennsylvania.

“After a disastrous papal visit to Ireland, a once staunchly Catholic country where the legacy of sexual abuse has decimated some congregations, an investigation in Germany found that more than 1,600 clergy were implicated in the abuse of 3,677 children over a 60-year period; it was ‘probably only the tip of the iceberg’. More than half the senior clerics in the Netherlands were accused of covering up sexual abuse, and thus allowing the perpetrators to commit more crimes, between 1945 and 2010.

“In the UK, the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse heard graphic testimony from former pupils at Catholic schools. In December, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the most senior cleric in England and Wales, denied under cross-examination that he had covered up abuse; this month, it emerged that the pope’s representative in Britain had failed to respond [to] the inquiry’s demands for information.

“Observers point out that the scandals uncovered so far focus on the sexual abuse of minors in western countries. There has been little detail heard thus far on the ‘sexual slavery’ – again, the pope’s words – and abuse suffered by nuns and sisters in religious orders; and few accounts of abuse and exploitation by clerics in the global south, where the Catholic church has enjoyed exponential growth. That is all to come, they say.

“It is hard to see how Pope Francis can avoid the blowback from such a global disaster, and particularly from Pell’s downfall, despite his repeated talk of shame, remorse, zero tolerance and ‘never again’. He has identified ‘clerical culture’, or excessive deference to the clergy, as a major problem. Changing a culture so dominant at all levels of the church is essential but extremely difficult. And, as ever, Francis will face powerful resistance from those with most to lose.”

Please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, “Widespread Sexual Abuse Within Catholic Church… Could It Ever Be Stopped?”

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