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Eric Rank | September 25, 2023

The Day of Atonement is an annual holy day that focuses on our reconciliation with God. It reminds us of how important it is to draw close to God, becoming more closely aligned with His will. How can we use the Day of Atonement as God intended it?

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The Way of God

Dave Harris | September 23, 2023

The Bible recounts the stories of men and women who have chosen to follow the way of God and of those who didn’t. My focus will be on those who chose life.

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Eric Rank | September 23, 2023

How we handle our life experience is heavily influenced by our attitude. When we have a negative attitude, we can find flaws in ideal situations. But when we have a positive frame of mind, even the most difficult circumstances are powerless in their attempts to drag us down. What can we learn from the Bible that will help us to foster a positive attitude to see us through the events of our lives?

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Our Resurrection to Life

Norbert Link | September 17, 2023

The Feast of Trumpets points to the return of Jesus Christ and our resurrection to eternal life in the Kingdom of God. But will Christ return at a Feast of Trumpets? How will He come back? How and by whom will we be resurrected? And where does our resurrection take place? What will we look like then? Do we still have to appear before Christ’s judgment seat? And do we already have eternal life?

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Sound the Alarm

Michael Link | September 16, 2023

There will be a warning sound the whole world will hear, unlike that has ever been heard before, a sound that will warn of terrible disasters that will occur on this earth. How can we be prepared and also spared from having to go through what is prophesied to happen?

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Departing from God—Comments on News and Prophecy, September 9, 2023

Norbert Link | September 9, 2023

In this program, we discuss astounding recent news which all signify a further departure from God: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President Joe Biden telling fairy tales; France at the brink of civil war; American nuclear bombs on European soil; NATO’s collapse; Corona restrictions and the “we will not comply movement”; stiff sentences against the Proud Boys because of “sedition”; funding of the US government is being threatened; the push for President Biden’s impeachment and the GOP reluctance; the Burning Man Festival; England’s Church priests support premarital sex and gay marriage; and gender change of children.

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Isaiah 58 – A Chapter for Modern Times

Kalon Mitchell | September 9, 2023

Isaiah 58 is an interesting chapter that speaks about some of the things that Christians need to be doing in their lives. It also talks about things that a Christian should be careful not to do. How exactly does this chapter find relevance in our modern times, seeing that this book was written sometime in the early 700s BC? 

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Know the Lord

Rene Messier (Canada) | September 3, 2023

Many claim to “know the Lord,” but never study His life and how He dealt with life’s challenging  situations; nor do they know what He was really like. This sermon looks at His attributes and characteristics.

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The First and Great Commandment

Paul Niehoff (Australia) | September 2, 2023

Jesus Christ answered a lawyer about which is the great commandment of the law. He quoted a passage in Deuteronomy chapter six which described this commandment and the physical benefits from obeying it. It is also very beneficial spiritually for us to obey it, remembering that only the Eternal God can give us eternal life. No other so-called gods are able to.

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Eric Rank | August 19, 2023

Milestones mark the progressive achievements along a path. Christian growth involves reaching these demarcation points, one after the other, on a continual journey of conversion. 

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Hugging the Cactus

Frank Bruno | August 19, 2023

There are a couple of uses of this phrase that can be meaningful to a true Christian in the world today. One such use refers to the love we have for our children that can often be disregarded and unreciprocated. The other use is the idea of confronting that within each of us that is sinful and dealing with it so we can leave it in the past. In this sermonette, we explore Scriptures and examples that can help us taking the necessary action to move forward productively.  

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Europe’s War with America, Britain, Israel and Russia

Norbert Link | August 12, 2023

The soon-coming Great Tribulation includes the destruction and occupation of America, Great Britain and the State of Israel in a nuclear World War III. What is meant with the “abomination of desolation” which will be placed in the Third Temple? When will the prophesied war between Europe and Russia occur? And what IS the sign of Christ’s coming and the end of the world? 

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Alarming Developments in the USA, Germany and the Ukraine ⎯ Comments on News and Prophecy August 12, 2023

Norbert Link | August 12, 2023

Will an allegedly biased judge in the 2020 Election case against Trump recuse herself? Was the “odd” appointment of David Weiss as special counsel in the Hunter Biden case just a trick of Merrick Garland?  Why do most Republican voters in Iowa think that the conduct of the Justice Department and the FBI “is reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s”? Are we facing coming climate and pandemics lockdowns? Is the US Army descending into a “hollow force”? Why do we need to wake up when Germans are extremely unhappy with their entire political system; when the country is in deep financial trouble; and when fear of war is widespread among German soldiers? And while Germany is hesitant to supply more arms to Ukraine, brutal mobilization by Ukraine military recruitment officers; the suffering of staggering losses; and the apparent failure of Ukraine’s counteroffensive give pause for alarm.

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Our Self-Destruction Is Imminent!

Norbert Link | August 5, 2023

The Bible warns that the insane behavior of warring powers would lead to the total annihilation of mankind so that no one would survive the coming World War III, if Christ were not to intervene at the last moment to stop such insanity. How can this madness of seduced and seducing warmongers even happen? Christ describes in detail in the Mount of Olives prophecy how the phases of events will unfold and when the end of the world and Christ’s return will come. In the first part of this new series, we look at the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Great Tribulation, with special emphasis on false Christianity and its unbiblical teachings, the persecution of true Christians, and how they will be protected from the terrible events to come.

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Beware the Company You Keep

Brian Gale (United Kingdom) | August 5, 2023

The importance of keeping good company cannot be over-emphasized, and good and true friends can help us in achieving our goal of making it into the Kingdom of God.   We must always keep in mind that “evil company corrupts good habits.”

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In Despair

Eric Rank | July 29, 2023

Life can get pretty hard. We can learn from the examples in the Bible of those who groaned in despair because of their dire circumstances. By hanging on in faith that God will see us through even the most difficult situations, we will be able to overcome, even when things seem hopeless.

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Dave Harris | July 29, 2023

Imagine, for a moment, a world in which love was the basis for all human interactions! God has planned for this, and He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to lay the foundation for just such a world!

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