Moving Ground

After the general election in the UK in May 2015, two of the defeated political parties licked their wounds and counted the cost.  Defeat for both the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats forced them to review what they stood for and how they could regain much lost ground.   New leaders were to be elected and it was acknowledged that, after the electorate had dealt them such a savage blow with the Conservatives securing an outright win, a new approach from them would be needed.

I read one definition on the internet that stated that “A political party voluntary, organised, possesses beliefs and translates these into policies or legislation.  It also assumes that political parties have a set of core beliefs which may change slowly over time.”

Core beliefs may change over time?   That’s a very dangerous position to be in if it applies to our Christian lives, but apparently in political circles no problem is seen in making changes that may not necessarily agree with their party but is to their political advantage.

Tony Blair won three elections by moving the Labour party from the left of the political spectrum to the centre ground, but when he gave way to others, it appeared that this approach was abandoned, resulting in two subsequent election defeats.   Mr Blair did this by various methods, one of which was through “focus groups” who gave the feedback as to what they thought the country wanted.   It was a case of “we are the leaders but tell us what we need to do so that we can be in charge.”   In other words, we will lead from the rear!

Political commentators state that it must now be on the agenda of defeated parties to move back to the centre ground if they are to be electable again.   It is not so much a matter of what they necessarily believe in, more in how they can be elected to form a government to run the country.   They are short on principle in their pursuit of power.   Where are the conviction politicians?

In fact, whatever happened to principles, where politicians inform the electorate what they stand for and believe in, not just what will put them into power?   Where are those who spell out their core beliefs, not what they are told will enhance their chances of political power?

What ground do they stand on?   In such situations, the ground moves and they move with it, purely to get their hands on the reins of power – yet another reason why we, as Christians, don’t vote or get involved with politics!

In 1995, in our former association, the ground moved.   We were asked “who moved?”, but the one asking the question was the one moving!   If we stand on firm ground, we will not move ground.   Unfortunately, so many at that time seemed not to be grounded in the truth and they moved.   Those of us who refused to give way to error stayed on the ground which we had proved to be solidly based on the truth of God.

Politicians can move to the left, centre or to the right of politics, but that is because of advantage to them in their pursuit of power and influence.   We, as members of the Body of Christ, must not move in any direction except forward towards the Kingdom of God, and, to achieve that goal, we have to make sure we are not on moving ground.

Just solid ground!

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