Do Hard Things!

by Simon Akl

I am currently in a transition year as I begin a new stage in my life. I have moved on from an undergraduate college and am now in the first year of medical school. It has not come without its challenges. This spring semester I took a class which really challenged me, to the point where I started doubting whether I would be able to face the academic obstacles. I struggled at times, not necessarily because of the difficulty of the knowledge but more so due to the knowledge overload taught in such a short time span. There was a point where I took a step back and wondered why I had chosen to put myself through all this. This period of self-reflection allowed me to gain the confidence and faith that as long as I do my part God will take care of the rest.

I concluded that it is very important to do hard things in this lifetime. It is much easier for me to sit back and take the easy way out, which is reflective of my human nature. However, doing the hard things in life, whether for school, work or even when it comes to relationships with family and friends, are what I believe help me develop a Godly character. I believe the journey is just as important as the final result. A difficult journey with bumps here and there allows me to gain the experience and satisfaction that with God’s help I was able to do something productive and meaningful. It is also important to challenge myself in difficult tasks to be an example to others, a way of letting my light shine–hopefully not for reasons of pride but to demonstrate to others God’s glory and what He was able to accomplish through me. Being carnal will lead to times where I might fall back into a doubtful way of thinking. This is why I continually try to remind myself that through God ALL things are possible.

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