by John Amorelli
When I was a kid, I wanted a lot of “things.” I’m referring to toys–action figures such as “GI JOE,” video games and a myriad other “gadgets.” You could say, I was a spoiled child! I would occupy myself with these “things,” but after a period of time, I would exhaust my interest in them, and they would end up in the “big toy chest,” never to be played with again. Now, as an adult, I periodically have the desire to obtain material things, and when I don’t “get” them, I feel frustrated.
I have been in the Truth for six years now. I am learning each day about God’s way of life; the way of give instead of the way of get, and I do sometimes struggle with this. God has called me to His Truth and His understanding; these are “spiritual” things that cannot be replaced. They are priceless and can lead to eternal life, if I continue living in His path!
The questions I have to ask myself are:
1. “Will I throw the spiritual ‘things’ that God gave me in the spiritual toy chest and let them be forgotten?”
2. “Will I invest more of my time in the spiritual gifts that have been given to me by the Eternal, or will I tip the scale more towards the perishable, material things of this world?”
The answer to these questions is: Only I can answer this.

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