Current Events

by Norbert Link

We begin with reports on Emmanuel Macron’s convincing victory in the French election and the defeat of Marine Le Pen… which is viewed as a vote for European unity and the euro zone; and the rejection of national populism.

We continue with President Trump’s controversial termination of FBI director James Comey, which, given the timing, manner and underlying circumstances, as well as glaring inconsistencies in the reports from the White House and the President, has already been described as a “massive cover-up” and a “perilous moment in American history,” with parallels to “Watergate” and the “Saturday Night Massacre”

We address the less-than-convincing condition of the US economy under President Trump and speak on the “Trumpcare” disaster… with early celebrations of the Trump Administration’s and Republicans’ victory in the House as being very premature.

We address a Russian-Iranian-Turkish project to create safe zones in Syria, which is opposed or at least criticized by the USA and the “armed opposition.”

We focus on the deteriorating relationship between Israel and UNESCO, Europe and especially Germany; the deteriorating relationship between Israel and Turkey; a contemplated bill that would officially define Israel as a Jewish state; and growing concerns within the German army. We quote an article asking the question whether Brexit will lead to a complete break-up of the UK; and address controversies regarding Gibraltar.

We conclude with articles pertaining to the relationship between American churches and the IRS; a ridiculous plan by the Trump Administration to make travel to the USA more unpleasant for Europeans; disunity within the United Methodist Church over the issue of homosexuality—the Methodists being the third-largest denomination in the USA; and religious persecution of Christians in Indonesia.

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