Current Events

by Norbert Link

In this issue, we are focusing on Brexit guidelines adopted by the EU and tough Brexit talks ahead; as well as the EU’s commitment to establish a common “security defense”; and we continue with the election in France and its importance for the survival of the EU. We also speak on persecution of Jews in Europe and Europe’s decision regarding the visa waiver program for Americans and Canadians.

We speak on the volatile situation regarding North Korea and the mixed messages coming from the White House; and we discuss Donald Trump’s “first hundred days of chaos”; a welcome clarification regarding IRS restrictions for churches; and the successful attempt to rush through a new healthcare bill in the House with devastating consequences for many insured. We also address the enactment of a highly controversial spending bill allowing the US government to continue operations until the end of September; and Puerto Rico’s unprecedented declaration of bankruptcy.

We address Turkey’s ongoing descent into a totalitarian dictatorship; and we point out the deteriorating relationship between Germany and Israel, as well as between Germany and Russia.

We conclude with articles about Britain’s intolerance towards those who emphasize biblical standards; and Pope Francis’ controversial comments about existing concentration camps in Europe.

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