Current Events

We begin with ongoing developments regarding President Trump’s travel ban for seven predominantly Muslim countries and the decision of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refusing to lift the stay on the Executive Order; speak on more controversies surrounding President Trump and his administration, including disconcerting reports on Stephen Bannon (please view our new StandingWatch program, Meet the Real Stephen Bannon”); Mr. Trump’s defense of Vladimir Putin and his bogus claim regarding “underreported” terrorist attacks; and the move to bar President Trump from addressing the British Parliament.

We report on Germany’s and Europe’s distrust of Mr. Trump; as well as ideas to unite Europe as a nuclear super power and to establish a Europe with two speeds. We also speak on the mass massacres perpetrated by the Syrian government and the botched raid on Yemen.

We close with frustrating reports on Obamacare and scientific exaggerations regarding global warming, as well as some remarkable words by Pope Francis.

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