Current Events

We begin with developments in Germany and Europe, including Angela Merkel’s announcement that she will run again in 2017 for the German Chancellorship amidst hostility and polarization, and Europe’s turbulent times ahead, which are also due, in part, to the rising of some far-right European leaders and parties.

We continue with an interesting attempt by Israel’s leading rabbis to persuade Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to help with building the Third Temple (Please view our StandingWatch program, “Europe Reacts to Trump Election”; and the German AufPostenStehen program with the same topic, “Europa Reagiert auf Trump Wahl”). We also report on strong statements by Jerusalem’s chief rabbi, calling homosexuality an abomination and objecting to public transportation on the Sabbath and civil marriages for Jews; and we review revealing accusations by Turkish President Erdogan against the Jewish people.

We continue with developments regarding Mr. Trump, pertaining to personal matters; his official visits and communications with world leaders; his relationship with the press and his many (broken) promises; and the building of his administration; and we speak about very controversial and highly inappropriate comments by Mr. Trump’s “newly-minted chief strategist and senior counselor Stephen Bannon”; as well as frightening Satanic activities in Myanmar and Austria.

We conclude with the Catholic Church’s stance on abortion; a powerful earthquake striking off the coast of Fukushima prefecture in Japan (home to one of Japan’s power plants); the unprecedented destruction of California’s trees and the danger of huge wild fires, bringing to mind some sober biblical warnings for the end time; and new discoveries about the Cheops Pyramid.

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