Current Events

In this edition, we begin with the victory of Donald Trump, which has been described in the media as “the most stunning event in US history,” and as an “unparalleled political earthquake.” The polls have all been terribly wrong, as they have been in regard to the Brexit. The reason is that neither the media nor the “polls” understand that God is fulfilling prophecy, as described in the Bible. Mr. Trump won because he will have to carry out an important task in the context of end-time-events. We have felt from the outset—even as early as when he announced his candidacy–that Mr. Trump would win, but most do not understand as to why that was. The world is in shock and very much afraid, and if Mr. Trump will carry out many of his campaign promises, then there would be every reason to be concerned.

We include articles describing shocking statements by President Obama encouraging illegal aliens to vote; and the dirtiest campaign in American history.

We continue with social and religious issues, such as the false concept of an “immortal soul”, Poland’s fight against abortion; and Pope Francis’ and the Vatican’s wrong understanding of the Christian duty and God’s punishment for sin.

We conclude with the effects of the Brexit; Russian warships in the Mediterranean; and the Turkish conflict reaching German borders.

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