Current Events

Last Friday, Donald Trump made a “big announcement.” Without any explanation as to the drastic change in his prior position, and without giving any evidence whatsoever, he stated within a few seconds that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. In this issue, we analyze the legitimate concerns regarding the official explanation of Mr. Obama’s birthplace, and also the apparent political reason for Mr. Trump’s “reversal,” which does not look good at all.

We continue reporting on turmoil in North Carolina and another terrorist attack in New York City; the worldwide reaction to Mr. Trump’s denial of “climate change”; and on Europe’s “fragile” unity and its willingness to create a European army, over UK objection, partly because of fear of Donald Trump. We also point out the anti-Americanism in Germany as one reason for Germany’s strong opposition against an Obama-backed trade deal with Europe.

We address another terrible loss of Angela Merkel in Sunday’s election in Berlin, while the anti-Immigration party AfD keeps scoring points; report on European plans to create an “entry system” for non-EU visitors; speak on the end of a cease-fire agreement in Syria which never really began; and the “biggest threat to modern medicine”; and we conclude with articles about the crazy ideas of evolutionists and an amazing discovery and procedure, proving that God preserved His Word—the Holy Bible.

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