Current Events

We begin with the stunning state election victory of Germany’s anti-immigration party Afand Angela Merkel’s disastrous debacle; and we cite articles about possible consequences for Chancellor Merkel, Germany’s political landscape and even the established main parties in Europe. We also show that minorities, including the Jewish community, are deeply concerned about AfD’s victory. Please view our new StandingWatch program, titled“Election Debacle for Angela Merkel…What’s Next?”

We speak on Turkey’s ongoing dictatorial methods; and we report on troubling developments in and pertaining to the UK.

We continue with the insignificant and irrelevant role which President Obama is playing on the world stage, as could be seen in events occurring and comments made at the G20 summit in China. We speak on stunning “ransom” money payments by the USA to Iran; and report on the national anthem protests by a black and another gay American athlete.

We speak on an ill-advised recommendation by Ben Carson to Donald Trump regarding the controversial “birther” debate pertaining to Barack Obama; and we conclude with an article about the dates and moderators for the upcoming US Presidential debates and the historical roles which these kinds of debates have played in the past; as well as a controversial huge pipeline project.

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