Current Events

By Norbert Link

We begin with Germany’s embarrassing debacle regarding its Leopard 2 tanks, and how the national and international pressure on Chancellor Olaf Scholz is growing to deliver those tanks to Ukraine. In this regard, please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, “Germany’s ‘Recalcitrant’ Policy With America’s ‘Acceptance.’”  Please also see this  program on Rumble.

We speak on Rumble’s decision to shut down in France; new unclean ingredients in Europe’s food; further discoveries of classified documents in President Biden’s private possession and the DOJ’s controversial conduct in this regard; the collusion of Team Biden and Big Tech to censor and suppress voices questioning their political narrative; and George Soros’ troublesome connections with the left-wing mainstream media.

We speak on Donald Trump’s warning for Republicans; Saudi Arabia’s policy towards Israel; and the feeling that a major controversy between Biden and Netanyahu is inevitable.  

We close with the Church of England’s position towards the LGBT movement; the opinion that severe winter storms in the USA are a punishment from God; and the Pope’s declaration that proselytizing is pagan.

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