Current Events

by Norbert Link

We begin with serious reports about the new coronavirus which originated in China, apparently due to irresponsible and sickening human conduct, and which has by now spread to many countries around the world; report on several powerful earthquakes which struck within the last few days; point out that American troops were injured during the missile strikes by Iran on a base in Iraq, “totally belying President Donald Trump’s initial claim that no Americans were harmed” and prompting the largest Veterans organization in the USA to demand an apology from Trump for belittling the injuries.

We continue to speak on the explosive situation in Iraq and Iran and on Trump’s “deal of the century” peace plan which is dead on arrival, with absolutely NO chance for success.

We speak on Russia’s ongoing persecution of religious minorities; and address the rocky relationship between the UK and the EU which made Brexit inevitable. For much more information on this development, please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, BREXIT DONE! The UK GONE! Was It Inevitable?” 

We address an unusual locust plague in parts of Africa; an interesting development in Germany’s Protestant Church regarding Carnival celebrations for children; the continuing rivalry between Pope Benedict and Pope Francis and their respective supporters.

We speak on corrupt Italy; right-wing extremism in Germany and the failure to learn from history; and the startling announcement that the doomsday clock has moved within 100 seconds of midnight (midnight meaning the end of the world as we know it).

We speak on Trump’s participation in the anti-abortion “March to Life,” during which he gave lip service to the opposition of abortion (but not totally); while scoring a victory by the Republican majority within the Supreme Court pertaining to his unchristian immigration policy about the new “public charge rule.”  

We conclude with a remarkable article about the Third Temple and the developing history of Muslim thinking regarding Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

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