Current Events

by Norbert Link

While especially the American media is obsessed with every little nuance of the impeachment circus against the President, we have chosen to ignore “reporting” on this, except for a passing reference in an article on Israel and one article claiming that President Trump will be reelected because of the attempt by Democrats to impeach him, which is, of course, doomed to fail in the Senate at the latest.

Instead, we are showing, among other things, how terribly divided the nation is; that many Americans are tired of their country’s endless wars; and that the dollar is under attack.

We also speak on an important defeat of the Trump Administration regarding a contemplated change in the immigration law; and report on President Trump’s obsession with the ancient emperor Cyrus. We also ask what America would do in case of a war between Israel and Iran.

We address – briefly – the ongoing Brexit debacle and the EU’s resolve to become more relevant on the world scene and build a powerful army [please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, “Europe—the Coming New Superpower,”] and speak of alarming signs of increasing anti-Semitism in Germany. We also address the horrible violent situation in Mexico, due to the government’s inability to deal with its drug cartels.

We speak on more scientific foolishness; a long-overdue decision by Austria to ban public smoking; the way in which governments control their citizens; and the new trend of microchipping; and we conclude with ongoing paganism in the Roman Catholic Church.

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