Current Events

by Norbert Link

We begin with articles discussing Europe’s and Germany’s eventful past of 2018 and the outlook for 2019; addressing the Brexit debacle and its consequences for Great Britain and the rest of Europe and the USA; speak on Russia’s threat to send missiles into Israel; and point out the world’s fragile economy and America’s exclusivist politics in the areas of trade and the military (while showing that President Trump is keeping his campaign promises in this regard).

Please view our StandingWatch program in this regard, titled, “2019 in Prophecy.”  The same program was also produced in the German language, titled, “2019 in der Prophezeiung.”

We discuss most recent poll numbers regarding the prospects of impeaching President Trump (which will not happen); and conclude with changed perceptions of standards and Christian compromise in the pursuit of political power.

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

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