Be Content

Be Content

by Manuela Link (21)

How many people do we know who are really satisfied with what they have? Do they seem happy by cherishing, taking care of, or looking after their possessions? Or do they always seek something better, using their time in trying to find greener grass because theirs isn’t bright enough? It is not wrong to look for better alternatives and quality — but quality is not just “born”; it is built up. Sometimes we may think, “Things would be so much better if I had a higher-paying job, a bigger house, a newer car, better parents, brothers and sisters and friends… all my problems would be solved.”

Instead of worrying about what we may not have, we should be concerned about taking care of what we do have. Everyone knows that problems just don’t disappear, and that we can’t escape them. Even when we think that we have found an alternative, the problems seem to find us all over again.

Taken from a line in a song, “Tempted by the fruit of another; tempted, but the truth is discovered.” We are tempted when we are faced with the decision of possibly getting something better and newer, but in the end, even the new thing will soon become old and sometimes, it is worse than with what we started out. We should be content with what we have and work to improve it, if need be. We should not always concentrate on what we don’t or can’t have, while abandoning what is right in front of us. Again, how many people do we know who are satisfied with what they have? Are you content?

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