Prayer–The Best Wireless Connection

by John Amorelli

My wife and I live in a very rural area. There is satellite, but it is not reliable and very costly. There is no cable. So it seemed that all was completely lost, and we had to deal with dial-up connection. I was determined to obtain a better, faster and easier internet connection. We just could not live with dial-up!!

Weeks later, I was introduced to a technology called “mobile broadband.” It is simply an “air card” that plugs into a computer which delivers broadband capabilities, and it acts much like a cell phone. Without hesitation, I was sold on this device. (It did come with a 30-day trial period and a 1-2 year agreement.) I brought it home, unpacked the “air card,” loaded the software, plugged the “air card” into the computer, and initially it worked. I was excited that we would finally have better and reliable internet connection! No more dial-up!

Then, eventually, something went wrong–dropouts, loss of signal, error messages. I became frustrated. After spending days and days trying to get this product to produce better results, I subsequently returned it, and my wife and I went back to “good ole” dial-up.

This “mobile broadband” internet device overshadowed my spiritual focus on prayer, meditation and Bible study. I realized that nothing is better, faster, and more reliable than prayer, and prayer comes with anti-adversary protection and no dropouts, and it is totally free. It’s the best deal around. I had to remind myself that there is no substitute for the best “wireless” connection–PRAYER.

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