Counting My Blessings

by Simon Akl

Recently, during my fall break, I turned twenty-one and was able to spend Thanksgiving with family and long-time friends, whom I consider as part of the family. The week’s activities were absolutely amazing and thrilling. As I reflect on them, it seems that the best memories are not those when I was blessed to enjoy physical materials such as food and games; but instead, the instances when we all sat together talking, laughing, and sharing stories.

In a week that can easily turn into a materialistic-driven focus because of the many delicious meals and activities; I found myself being thankful for more than just the temporary thrills like food. I was able to take a step back and be thankful for the things which I can sometimes take for granted, such as relationships with family and friends, health, and even each opportunity to laugh and smile, among many others.

My mom is always telling me to be thankful and exclaiming to me that her cup is overflowing. I have found that when I am not as focused spiritually as I should be, I stumble into thoughts of helplessness, despair and self-centeredness. The example of my fall break served as a great reminder to me that when I take the time to thank God for all blessings in my life, small or big, I start to change my outlook and perspective; focusing on how my cup is constantly overflowing. Therefore, I work to strive consistently on being thankful for each and every single blessing that God gives me! 

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