Patience Is a Virtue

by Michael Link

During these times that we are living in, I notice how impatient most people can get. There seems to be a sense of urgency due to the rise of unemployment and the fear that more and more jobs will be lost in this new year. I get to witness this every day due to my job and the several people that I meet, especially those I work with. The mood has slowly changed from a content to a melancholy state.  I’m not saying that I notice this everywhere, since there are also several out there that act as if nothing is changing.  

The fact is, things are getting worse, and it is plain to see that. I may sometimes get caught up in all of this, as my patience gets tested due to my surroundings. I know, despite everything that we will be going through, that I have to remain positive and focus on what God has in store for me, realizing that He has a great deal of patience with me.

So why can’t I sometimes have that same patience?  There are certain things that I’m trying to accomplish, and through God’s Will, I have to have patience despite what happens around me or what others may say. I am truly grateful for the blessings that God has given me thus far. I need to continue to have faith that God will not cease to provide; and I must not cease to have patience to wait for what He has in store for my family and me. The most important thing for me to realize is that, without God in my life, my accomplishments are as good as gone.

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