Staying Focused

by Simon Akl

The Feast of Tabernacles has come and gone, and I am now back to my everyday life of school and work. The amount of school work that was awaiting me seemed to be insurmountable. With all the usual school distractions it is very easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out. However, the Feast was a reminder of the need to prioritize what should be important in my life.

It allowed me to take a step back and realize how many of the tasks that I view as large mountains are really a small drop in the ocean compared to God’s plan. Focusing on more important reasons behind my purpose and existence helps me put everything in perspective and reduces some of the daily obstacles that I am confronted with. I find that some of the toughest times of trials and tribulations tend to come right after the Feast. They tend to divert me and force me to forget about all the great lessons that I have just finished learning during the Feast. They tend to depress me when thinking about the tough time that I am about to face.

It is important for me to always keep the right mindset and focus to keep reminding myself of what truly is important. Satan does whatever he can to knock me off the righteous path and deceive me. That is why I constantly have to try and refresh my thoughts with lessons that I have learned while at the Feast, as well as trying to apply them in my everyday life.

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