“It’s not up to them”

by Shelly Bruno

That’s a favorite saying of mine—one I use when I feel the appropriate moment arises. It’s my secret weapon. Something I find useful when I see a situation where someone is in doubt. It’s such a simple statement, but one that can wield a powerful impact. It can simply erase doubt.

I’ve been using it a lot on my husband lately. He’s interviewing for a new job and has experienced stress and consternation about it—worrying about what so-and-so might say or think, and doubting the outcome of the situation. “It’s not up to them,” I quickly submit. And I believe it. “They” aren’t in charge of the outcome, God is. And it’s easy for me to see that God will indeed control the results. I have no doubt.

That is, as long as the situation involves others.

Lately I’ve noticed that doubt is inserting itself into my own life. Creeping in here and there when I least expect it. Creating worries where there shouldn’t be any. And these worries, whether rational or not, have cast a serious shadow of doubt. How can I rid myself of it? What do I need to do? Is my secret weapon failing me?

Maybe I can’t really “do” anything. I can worry all day long but that won’t change a thing. I can, however, change where I put my faith. I can still believe “it’s not up to them,” but more importantly I should accept that it’s not entirely up to me, either. I have to let go of my own doubtfulness and turn my worries over to God.

So as I continue my crusade to erase doubt, I think I’ll change my secret weapon. “Me,” “them” or “they” don’t really matter, because ultimately, “it’s up to Him!”

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