To Be An Example

by Michael Link

How can I be an example to people I associate with, directly or indirectly?  I seem to be asking myself that question quite frequently, especially when I am at work, either in regard to my co-workers or my clients that I am in direct contact with every day.  Many of my co-workers are very outspoken, and they certainly speak their mind at any opportunity given to them.  Their choice of vocabulary isn’t the greatest either, and sometimes, disagreements about the company and the work are expressed verbally to other employees, including myself. 

What do I do in those particular situations, and when I’m right in the middle of it? 

Most of the time I just ignore it and do my job, but sometimes I get caught up in the moment and let myself become involved–or I find myself in a situation when I have to say something. I know that praying before responding definitely helps, and thinking before I act or speak reaps its rewards. I also need to remind myself consistently of these additional guidelines:

Thinking positively and doing my job with confidence helps tremendously when I’m forced to respond, not only by helping the company, but individually as well.  Having a positive attitude adds to my success and reflects my personality in a good light. It shows my customers and employers that I am a great example and that my words are supported by my actions.  It also shows that I enjoy what I do, and it certainly makes a difference. I know that striving for those traits shows my sincerity in what I do and say. It will bring positive rewards, and that is exactly what I look forward to.

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