by Kalon Mitchell

We have all recently returned back to our homes from the Feast of Tabernacles. After arriving at home from God’s Feasts, I always feel sad about leaving a beautiful site and miss the daily interaction with brethren and people of like minds.

While the world will celebrate its new year on January 1, 2008, we have already recognized God’s new year six months ago. It is the custom of this world to make “New Years” resolutions and then, within a few months, to forget all about them and go back to what they were doing the year before.

So, using this analogy, I need to personally think about what I have learned at the Feast. I need to remind myself that I must not forget what I have learned, but rather, I need to take action. I should not become one of those people who make “year-end” resolutions and then let them slip a little further down the line.

I have to constantly remind myself that this way of life takes commitment and a plan. And while no person is perfect–if I have a plan and fall down, I can get up and try again and continue and still have a plan! I know that God has a Plan! I know that I am in His Plan. That is why I am called now. And if I can make God central to my plans and actions, I will never fail in my calling! As one author once wrote: “The test of man lies in action.”

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