The Silver Lining

by Cali Harris

We’re probably all familiar with the saying,
“Every cloud has a silver lining,” meaning that every gloomy or
unpleasant situation has a positive side to it.  Recently someone
mentioned this phrase in conversation, and I couldn’t help but think of
it in the context of my life as a Christian.  Certainly, I
thought, every “cloud”–a test or trial–has the “silver lining” of
growing our love and building our character as true Christians.

past August, I was faced with the dismal prospect that I would have to
postpone my graduation from college because I was financially unable to
enroll into my final year of school.  The amount I needed was a
seemingly impossible amount–the dark cloud in my sky.

I was on
campus two days before classes began, talking to various administrators
in hopes of getting enrolled, with no luck.  Driving home, I
decided to go to my bank on the unlikely chance they would give me a
loan.  So I said a prayer, walked into my bank, sat down with a
loan officer, and told him my situation.  Within a few minutes of
getting my information, he said that he could consolidate my bank
account and credit cards and give me a new credit card with a more
affordable interest rate–something I didn’t even ask for, but was a
blessing nonetheless.  Then, astonishingly, he told me that I was
also eligible for a loan–one that would cover the cost of tuition, and
even my textbooks!

In this test, God blessed me
tremendously.  The “silver lining” of this dark cloud was not only
getting into school, but also building patience and humility–as well
as a deeper faith.  Now, I attempt to find the positive side of
every seemingly sad or disheartening situation. 

As God’s
people, we are facing tests, trials, and sufferings more than
ever.  We must strive to be positive and see the silver lining in
our lives, knowing that in our ultimate future, there will be no dark

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